The one where I went out in my nightie

Yesterday I did something I never thought I’d do. I went out in my nightdress.

No I hadn’t been drinking (although dutch courage might have helped). Last night was Miss Slinky 2011 at my Slimming World class. I’ve only just rejoined SW so had no chance of winning but have been a member before and have never dared to take part. Every time I’ve watched the gorgeous ladies, all at various different stages of their weight loss journey get up and strut their stuff and have been secretly disappointed that I (again) chickened out.

The idea was to go wearing a slinky black number. I don’t own a dress, in fact the last dress I wore was on my wedding day in 2003! I made a joke the week before about coming in my nightie and someone said I should. I laughed it off but thought “Why the hell not?”.

So, at 5.30pm last night I left my house and walked down the street wearing a black with white polka-dots nightie with lace over the pocket, tight black leggings, high boots and a jacket. Obviously there was the panicked phonecall en-route to my friend Natalie who convinced me to stop hovering in the shadows outside and go in, but I did it… and feel brilliant.

Yes it was a laugh, yes I strutted my stuff around a table wearing a nightie amongst the girls in ballgowns and all sorts, yes I no doubt looked a plum but you know what…. I only bloody did it! I got up there, joined in and really felt a part of it all, something I’ve never done before.

This morning feels almost like I have a hangover after a night out on tiles but I am determined because this time next year I will be strutting my stuff again, only this time I will feel slim and confident enough to buy myself a real slinky black number.

Don’t sit on the sidelines folks, life is too short. Get up there and enjoy!

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  1. Thank you all. I have to say say I felt *mildy* sick walking in but am so glad I did it.
    Photo-wise, a few people took some so hopefully I’ll be able to get a copy BEFORE they hit Facebook.

  2. That’s brilliant! Most people who go out in their night clothes do it out of laziness or because they don’t realise! Just don’t go to Tesco as they don’t like that sort of thing!! Let us know how you get on- I need to so something so maybe you will inspire me!

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