Dear So and So – a mixed bag

Dear UK residents

We have plenty to bitch about (David Cameron, the weather, inflation etc) but lets face it… there are plenty of other places much worse off. Gaddafi may be “gone” but he’ll not be forgotten and Libya is a country that yes, is free of his tyranny, but will need to rebuild and watch for those who are all too eager to step in his shoes. Floods are killing people and destroying crops, sickness is wiping out whole villages and children are dying because of lack of basic medical care.

It’s worth taking a step back sometimes and just taking stock.

Her who is very grateful for all the UK offers her and her family x


Dear Kieran

You have really done well in Year One! You did great in Reception but this year you have really come into yourself. Parent’s evening was great. According to your teacher you are working at and beyond national average in everything and are a joy.

Keep it up sweetheart, we are very proud of you!

Mummy & Daddy


Dear Children,

This time of year turns your sensible grown-up mother into a childish lunatic. Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas. Be prepared for lots of silliness.

Love Mummy


Dear Boobs

I have been neglecting you, clearly you are comfortable resting on my knees but really I think you’d prefer the view from up here where you should be.

Her who really needs a new bra / steel girders


Dear Downton Abbey

See you Sunday. I was caught out last week with no tissues to hand. This week I’m prepared.

Her with the mega box of man-sized kleenex tissues.


Dear All

This week has been been full of randomness so in honour of this I thought I’d share with you the most random song I know.

Have a good weekend all!

*Disclaimer: Neither myself or Curly&Candid can be held responsible for any mental damage caused to readers who watch this video and who find themselves singing it to themselves constantly for the next few days.

Dear So and So...

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