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6 comments / Tramadol Order Online Cod

  1. I was totally surprised to find I was having a boy the first time round. Not that I didn’t want a boy bit just like you I kept asking myself what do I ‘do’ with a boy. Now I have two of them and I actually think I’m a better mother to them precisely because of the fact I don’t have any preconceived ideas of how they are suppose to turn out. We’re learning together. Lovely post, thanks.

  2. Great post Pippa!
    When I was pregnant with Kieran I wanted a girl or a boy, and was thrilled with a boy. When I was pregnant with Taylor, despite everyone telling me how lovely it would be to have one of each, I longed for a boy! A brother for Kieran, another son for us, and for me… knowing what I was doing (as much as any parent does as they are all blooming different!).
    had he been a she, I’d have loved her just as much but phew I am glad I have two boys! After all, there is only room for one queen in this house 🙂

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