Dear So & So – The holiday edition

Dear So and So...

Dear Burger King, Tamworth Moto,

Robbing Bastards. £20 for tea one night, and it wasn’t very good. Also, if you advertise a child’s meal and say it includes a toy, make sure it has a toy. If the toys are out of stock, tell us when we order!  Also, when calling the missing toy to your attention, “Sorry we are out of stock, we’d usually offer ice-cream as an alternative but we are out of that too” is really not good enough.

Won’t be visiting YOU again,


Dear Drayton Manor / Thomasland.

You rock! I’m not sure who was more excited to visit you, the boys or me! Everything was clean and the services great. I could have stayed there all day. Oh I did!


Dear Tamworth M42 Travelodge.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from you because to be honest, you don’t have the best of reputations. In fact all I hear at the moment is how crap all your branches are. I was pleasantly surprised!! A great room, clean, as described and a big thanks to Wendy who went out of her way to make sure we were comfy and all was ok.

Credit where it’s due, people!


Dear Tesco Clubcard.

Nice to get a bit back. Your reward scheme is great – we got into Drayton Manor for free, it would have cost £97 full cost. Brilliant!

See you at Xmas for the Exchange (which bought us loads of toys last year)



Dear Family,

Thanks for a brilliant holiday, you are all just great. I’m going away this weekend for a girlie weekend and will miss you all, but can’t wait until I get back! Kids, be good for Daddy!

Mum x


Dear Esso.

Charging nearly 10p more for petrol just because you are next to the motorway? Low blow people!

Yours in Skintdom,


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  1. Sounds like the majority of your holiday was enjoyable. Should have gone into Tamworth and found a Harvester’s or equivalent. At worst could have found a McDonalds (at least they arent as bad at times) 🙂

    1. McDonalds was the next day, half the price, more food and A TOY! We never go to places like that (ok v v rarely) but Kieran wanted to as it was a treat.

      Grumble, grumble, robbing gits….

  2. Have been eyeing up Thomasland. It’s a fair drive from us but we could do it in a day. Do you think there is anything there that would amuse an 8 and 9 year old?

    1. Plenty! Thomasland is within Drayton Manor itself. Thomasland might be a bit tame but there is a lot of other stuff in DM for all ages. Once paid in you don’t have to pay for anything else ride-wise. We had breaky every morning at Sainsbury and bough picnicky stuff and drinks so no need to “eat in” ie cut the cost A LOT!
      I would definitely take our two at that age. I’ll be doing a post or two on it shortly with pics if that will help.

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