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  1. Speaking as someone from the other side of the PR fence… I hate it that these rude people spoil the reputation for everyone (it’s the same in all professions). In my mind, if you want someone to do something to promote your product the ONLY way is to research and ask nicely. It has to be a win, win situation, or why would you spend the time? In your shoes I would give the rude ones as good as you get.

  2. I absolutely agree with what you said in your post. There are really to kinds of PRs: the ones that are professional and bother and those who don’t. I’ve a had the pleasure with a lady that sent me the sane press release three times and every single time it was full of mistakes and did supply faulty links to the clients website. I binned it everything single time until I received quite a cheeky email asking why I wasn’t replying. I replied explaining in a friendly way that the release was full of mistakes just to receive the same faulty press release for a forth! time. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next, I just find it shocking that this woman gets paid for totally ruining her client’s reputation…

  3. Well said Nicki, it’s plain laziness on the PRs front. Typically the worst offenders are the PR interns who are passed the database and told to get on with it, without having much of a clue about clear, decent communication – to them it’s boring data entry. The more senior PRs need to recognise that by passing the buck (and the database) they are in fact screwing up their chances for any future coverage – madness!

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