Gorgeous Glorious Slimming Soup for Mums & More

Soup, Soup, Glorious Soup!

I can see why these are called “Glorious!”. I absolutely adore them. Many of my readers know that since January I have been back at Weight Watchers (see #fatclub). I’ve done pretty well so far – 18.5lb off and for the most part this has been down to planning and making sure I have food / recipes that are not just “slimming” but filling and nutritious. I’m a busy Mum so I need something easy as well as nutritious.

This is where these fab soups came in!

All of these flavours are absolutely fine for my WeightWatchers plan and are absolutely delicious!! Fresh, packed with flavour, filling and nutritious! What isn’t to like? The week I had this soup for lunch every day I lost 2.5lb. I’m not saying these are magical soups but as they are filling and low fat, they kept me going throughout the day, with no need or inclination to snack. Which is most definitely a good thing!

I could talk about each flavour individually but I won’t – instead, let me tell you about my favourite two flavours.

First up:


New England Butternut Soup.

I love Butternut Squash (BNS) but this soup is much more than your average BNS flavoured soup or sauce. The combination of BNS, mango, cumin and paprika gives a tangy (but not too spicy!), warming soup. Fantastic with grainy bread. Half a tub is a generous serving. I may have topped the bowl up and finished it all in one sitting to be honest. It was delicious. And I was stuffed!



Although not one of the "Slimmer" soups, this was pretty much the same amount of points for me. Just as well as it's spanking gorgeous!

Sunny Thai Chicken.

This just edges itself out in front as my favourites. I have only recently dipped my toes into the world of thai food and love the tongue tingling flavours and combinations. This combo of sweet potato, spinach, chicken, thai spices and flavours will not disappoint. I had this without bread (didn’t need it as quite chunky / filling) and with a small green salad. Roy had the other portion (as I glared at him as I’d had that pegged for the next day) and throughly enjoyed it – so great for Mums, Dads…. anyone with a taste for good quality soup.

Easy to close and save, a carton does two days (unless you are being piggy ahem) and can be stored in the fridge for up to three days. For me, each tub worked out as two potions, and at tubs retailing at £1.99 each, it is an economic and enjoyable way to enjoy a healthy lunch.

Saved for later.

The range of soups, which includes the popular and healthy Skinny Soups, is available in most Asda’s, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s around the country. Each GLORIOUS!® Skinny Soup also provides one of the recommended daily servings of vegetables.

To find out more about the  GLORIOUS!® soups and sauces, why not pop along to their website. To be kept up to date with news and offers find the team on Twitter.