Exploring Thirsk: A Local Day Out

When it comes to planning the summer holidays we usually have a bucket list of sorts ready and like to tick things off as we go. On this list are a number of historical attractions or special places to walk around, Forestry Commission treksĀ and so on.

What we always make sure though is that we take time out when it’s sunny to explore where we live. We are lucky enough to live in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Thirsk if you haven’t heard of it is a medieval market town that perches close to the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. There is so much to see and do and so we make sure Thirsk adventures are at the top of our list.

There’s a waterfall, parks, walks and more. There really isn’t anything quite like a local day out and we love exploring Thirsk!

My cheeky adventurers
Obligatory photo bombing
The seven bridges walk
Norby waterfall
To the Millenium Gardens down by the Beck for a picnic
What a gorgeous day!
Millenium Gardens
Next time we’ll tour the Past and Present boards dotted all around Sowerby and Thirsk in order (this really is a town with a rich history and much to see) so that we can say we have and tick them off the map. There’s also a Blue Plaque walk which points out special buildings and why they were awarded a Blue Plaque.


*Don’t take my word for how fabulous Thirsk is. Have a good, have a read of the Wikipedia page and try not to be too jealous! This is just a mere snapshot of what the local are has to offer.