So What Did He Choose For My Gift?

Last week my panicked Husband put a plea out on here looking for inspiration for a Valentine’s gift. There was an overwhelming response (see the comments!) and he was hard-pushed to choose I think but choose he did and I was chuffed to pieces to receive…………..

from the fantastic SeaSparkle!

SeaSparkle sell their own handmade jewellery using genuine sea glass collected from the Devon & Cornwall coastline, which is cast in fine silver. Every piece is unique because of the natural materials used so as well as pieces that are already made up they welcome custom orders.

The earrings came in a lovely giftbox and with a fab heart-shaped chocolate in honour of the Valentine’s theme (I was very good, I got all the way to 3pm before I couldn’t wait any longer and scoffed it!).

To contact / find out more about SeaSparkle you can visit their Facebook page, website or on Twitter ( @seasparkle_x ). Gorgeous earrings, fab service and a husband with many brownie points!

Thanks all who answered Roy’s plea – it turned out so well I think I could encourage him to do the same for our anniversary in June 🙂

Help The Hubby – Choose My Valentine Gift!

The Valentine’s countdown is ticking and the hubby is panicking.

He has this plea for you all:

Help! Time is running out & I need to get Nicki something for Valentine’s day. Online ideally so you can see why the rush (although if the absolute perfect gift is a day or so late that is ok because flowers and an IOU will be accepted!!). We have set a limit of £20 absolutely maximum, no food/chocs or alcohol. She doesn’t wear makeup (doesn’t need it) and other than that…. I’m completely up for suggestions!“.

So post your links / ideas below and he will choose (but refuses to tell me what until it’s the day!).
This could be novel!