Help The Hubby – Choose My Valentine Gift!

The Valentine’s countdown is ticking and the hubby is panicking.

He has this plea for you all:

Help! Time is running out & I need to get Nicki something for Valentine’s day. Online ideally so you can see why the rush (although if the absolute perfect gift is a day or so late that is ok because flowers and an IOU will be accepted!!). We have set a limit of £20 absolutely maximum, no food/chocs or alcohol. She doesn’t wear makeup (doesn’t need it) and other than that…. I’m completely up for suggestions!“.

So post your links / ideas below and he will choose (but refuses to tell me what until it’s the day!).
This could be novel!

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  1. From Michelle:

    Found this and thought of Roy for you hunni….. If you’d like to say more than just those three little words but have never quite plucked up the courage, a Message in a Bottle (£14.99) could be the answer. Your very own message is printed on parchment, tied with a red ribbon and sealed in a clear glass bottle, complete with sand and sea shells. It’s certain to melt her heart and is delivered direct to her door so you can be sure the message has reached the right person!
    Not sure where abouts they are he would have to google it….
    Hope this helps x x x x

  2. Hi

    How about a tub of our organic bath soak?
    Enjoy the exotic floral aromas of organic rose geranium and ylang ylang which will set your senses tingling and while you soak, our soil association organically certified shea butter, will soften and moisturise your skin. No need for body lotion.
    You can find it here
    Whatever you decide on, I’m sure she will love it!!
    Have a good day!

  3. I have a lovely Valentine’s Day necklace – limited edition and a special price!

    What’s more, the charms can be easily removed off the chain for different looks. Oh, and Mother’s Day is sorted too – just pop back to purchase your two boys’ birthstone charms to add to the charm collection!

    If you need any help, please feel free to drop me an email: viv {at} poppysparkles{dot}co{dot}uk

    Viv 🙂

  4. I’d go with flowers if you can find any to be delivered for £20. I believe the co-op will have reasonably priced bunches of roses for sale. (If I was really cheeky I’d suggest you could give a small donation to one of the charities dealing with heart conditions on our site!) Anyway, I reckon you’ll have a good day one way or another :o)

  5. Hi Roy
    I know Nicki likes our stuff – she’s ordered enough in the past! My suggestions are: Love Rocks Gift Box £15.50 (full of bath time goodies), the ‘hearts’ or ‘love letters’ doormats £20 each (maybe a bit too practical?), or our beautiful mother of pearl heart photo frame £19 , which would be what I’d really like if it were me. Whatever you choose, good luck with your mission!
    Andrea x

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