Transform Your Bedroom with a Luxury Bedding Collection

Transforming your bedroom is always a pleasure. Transforming your bedroom with a luxury bedding collection is an even greater pleasure. It gives you the joy of making something visually pleasing, as well as guaranteeing that just-made, quality fresh bed feel (you know what I mean).

Giving your bedroom a facelift and making it a place of peace and style, all ready for your perfect night’s sleep, is easier than you might imagine.

Why Invest in Luxury Cushions and Throws?


Modern bedding isn’t the only component to make a difference when you are giving your bedroom a makeover. Scatter cushions and luxury throws add style and quality and you can easily add and remove more to achieve the perfect style for you.

Adding different textures to your bedding accessories creates depth and warmth. For example, Dusk’s faux fur cloud grey cushions and throws provide a soft finish, while the silver Manhattan collection of cushions introduces a cooler sense for an overall balanced look. Mixing and matching these to suit your own personal preferences allows you creative freedom when it comes to transforming your room.

How Does a Bedding Pillow Transform a Room?

Dusk Pillows

Bedding pillows add a subtle but strong style difference to a bedroom. Imagine a saggy, shapeless pillow at the top of a beautiful luxury king size duvet. Not a good look. Turn this around with a plump, sumptuous set of pillows and immediately you send the signal of quality, style and luxury. That aside, who sleeps well with a saggy pillow?

What is the Point in Protectors?

Dusk protectors

Buying pillow protectors and mattress protectors is a sound investment. Although they do not outwardly, visually transform a bedroom, they do transform your sleep, particularly if you are prone to allergies, as they can keep dust mites away from pillowcases.

Bedding Collections

There are many different bedding collections capable of changing the whole look and feel of a room. So, for example, if you want to change your unappealing queen duvet into something more ‘royal’ then you simply need to take some time looking at the collections available.

If you are after a more luxurious style, then simple white bedding can often do the trick. It’s elegant, calming and oozes humble chic.

One of the best-selling designer bedding collections at Dusk is the white Isabel bedding collection, made from high thread count cotton with a stitched laced border on the pillow cases as well as the covers which is available as a king size duvet, single, double or super king size.

Of course, transforming a bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your room that needs a revamp. Perhaps your single guest bedroom is looking a little dull and in need of a style injection? Single bed linen is not just a necessity, it is also an opportunity to portray charm. Neutral looks often work well in spare rooms, so simple white bedding sheets work really well.

So, what’s your idea of a perfect bedroom? Are you planning a makeover or have you recently done one? I’d love to hear about it, either way!


Mattress Shopping Know-How

When it comes to buying something new I’m not one for flying (or purchasing) blind. I prefer to read reviews, ask for recommendations, speak to companies and read relevant guides. Part of this is because I want to make sure I get the best value product or service for my budget and part of it is that I’m tight and hate parting with money unless I’m getting the best. I’m also someone who won’t make do with some things which means if something arrives in the post/is delivered I won’t hesitate to return it if it isn’t exactly what I needed. This can be a pain when you’re buying a mattress or something similarly bulky.

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Staying on the mattress theme, Roy and I recently bought a new mattress as our old one was very much past its best. We wanted something firm but comfortable. That was pretty much all that our list of needs contained to start with however when it came down to the nitty gritty of actually choosing a mattress we wished we’d been a little pickier and a lot more knowledgeable.

Did you know that when it comes to buying a mattress that you need to consider a number of things? Not just price and size, oh no. There are quite a few points to consider when buying a mattress.

For example:

  • Who is the mattress for?
  • Does it come with a cover?
  • What guarantee does it have?
  • What is it made of?
  • What do other people think of it?
  • What are the shipping costs?
  • What’s the return policy?

The list goes on. To be fair this is not an insignificant purchase. If you buy a new type of cereal and don’t like it you can give to someone else or simply bin it. You’ve lost a couple of pounds at most. When buying a mattress, you need to consider the investment you’re making for your health, yes health, as a good night of sleep has been proven to help with a number of conditions and reduces your risk of contracting certain disorders and conditions. On top of that, we all know that a decent sleep helps with a much better mental outlook so when it comes to mattress buying, and bedding of course too, it pays to do your research!

What are your top tips for buying a mattress? Do you shop around, read reviews, sleep guides and more? What are the three most important things to you when it comes to choosing what you’ll be sleeping on? We’ve made poor mattress-buying choices in the past thanks to poor research and regretted it later. Save yourself time, money and annoyance by doing your due diligence!