Upcycling a Lego Play Table

upcycling, repurposed

This weekend’s first to do item on my list was to crack on with turning a Lego play table into a stationery table / craft storage table and work space.

I picked the Lego table up at an NCT nearly new sale a year or so ago for £5 and for a short while the kids used it. Neither boy uses it anymore, Kieran having more technical Lego and Taylor not being that fussed at the moment (and when he is he’ll inherit boxes of the stuff plus accessories galore).

Recently it’s been used as a 4yr old’s bedside table (dump area) and so I decided to upcycle it for myself. I hate waste and this is a much more thrifty / frugal way of storing my stationery etc than buying a specially made caddy or similar  that is marketed for this same purpose yet costs a small fortune.

A quick wipe down and sort out  and voila, we have a repurposed Lego table turned stationery storage and crafting station.

What do you think?