For The Girls – THAT Time Of The Month #TMI

Not a very happy bunny - Bluurgh!

Bloating, pain, headaches, bad skin, PMT (or general arsey-ness), insane hunger, tiredness…

Every month Mother Natures reminds me  that I am a woman, and since having kids, seems to do it in spectacular style too. I have very heavy & long periods, despite being on the pill (Thanks pcos!), and they really wear me down!

I’m guessing I’m not the only who feels utterly crap at this this time of the month, I can’t be, so how do you all survive???

I’m on WeightWatchers so chocolate is off the agenda and a foody binge does me no good either. I’m a busy mum (very busy mum!) which means no climbing under the bedclothes and waiting it out, oh, and I rarely drink, so drowning my sorrows is out too.

Lets have some sisterhood solidarity.. what do you do to get through THAT WEEK, what picks you up, cheers you up, what helps with the pain, how do you stop yourself from sliding into scummymummy-dom?

Come on ladies (pardon the pun), share with me your gems of period-surviving tips!

**A quick edit! Discussing this on Twitter, the Merina Coil has come up as a viable contraception option. Your experiences of the coil would be much appreciated!