For The Girls – THAT Time Of The Month #TMI

Not a very happy bunny - Bluurgh!

Bloating, pain, headaches, bad skin, PMT (or general arsey-ness), insane hunger, tiredness…

Every month Mother Natures reminds me  that I am a woman, and since having kids, seems to do it in spectacular style too. I have very heavy & long periods, despite being on the pill (Thanks pcos!), and they really wear me down!

I’m guessing I’m not the only who feels utterly crap at this this time of the month, I can’t be, so how do you all survive???

I’m on WeightWatchers so chocolate is off the agenda and a foody binge does me no good either. I’m a busy mum (very busy mum!) which means no climbing under the bedclothes and waiting it out, oh, and I rarely drink, so drowning my sorrows is out too.

Lets have some sisterhood solidarity.. what do you do to get through THAT WEEK, what picks you up, cheers you up, what helps with the pain, how do you stop yourself from sliding into scummymummy-dom?

Come on ladies (pardon the pun), share with me your gems of period-surviving tips!

**A quick edit! Discussing this on Twitter, the Merina Coil has come up as a viable contraception option. Your experiences of the coil would be much appreciated!

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  1. I simply stopped taking the pill and got the implant instead – No more long painful and heavy periods for me anymore. I don’t get any periods at all now! Result!

    Before though I did find excercise helped, as did a wheat bag for the microwave.

  2. Walking! Despite it being the LAST thing you feel like doing, it really helps. Stretch and energise! 😉
    Hope you feel better soon sweetpea x

    1. Ta Natalie, I’ve been cleaning like a banshee today, bend, stretch and wipe, and it does help/distract. And the house looks better, which was much needed lol!

  3. Do you mean the implant they put in your arm (or don’t they do that anymore?) or IUD? If I could get the same contraception (Yasmin) which works very well for me as a pull, as an implant, I’d seriously consider it!

  4. Hi
    I have the Merina coil fitted since having my twin boys last July , I got it fitted in October and my periods are much lighter, but still feel blur around that time… although much better than if I hadn’t !!

    Painful to have it fitted but that is because I had C-Section I think.
    hope this helps
    Nik nak noodle

    1. Thanks for your reply!
      I had a csection with my second son too…
      I half make my mind up re the coil then change it, research suggests it doesn’t sit well with pcos. Hmmm!

  5. There is always weight watchers chocolate for those give me something sweet before I rip your head off moments, but for when the cramps get a little too much I find a freshly tumble dried towel across the stomach works a treat, there are shop bought methods, microwaveable gel packs and the like but if I can find an option that cost me nothing but a little extra time I’m all for it.

    1. Trust me this folks, she probably could rip your head off at THAT time of the month too lol!
      Ta for the reply, I’ll have to replace my walkabout wheat bag that used to go in the microwave, it did help actually. I’m not a big chocolate fan tbh, I crave cheese, lots and lots of cheese!

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