Making extra with MusicMagpie

It’s no secret that we are a frugal family. I hate waste, detest paying more than I should for anything and love a bargain. Better still if I can make a little extra from something I’m not using then I will.

Many of you will have heard of musicMagpie, either through word of mouth or on the TV. Basically, selling dvds with musicMagpie can free up space and make you money. I have sold DVD’s on eBay or Amazon but in truth have found it a hassle. The fees I’ve paid has made it barely worth packaging anything up and walking down to the post office and I hated waiting for items to sell, one by one. The difference with selling dvds with musicMagpie is that everything is sent at once, no repeat visits to the post office, no postage to pay and you know what you will receive payment-wise.

It is insanely easy to sell computer games for cash and recycle your dvds as you simply need to input the barcode number into the site to tell you how much your item is worth. For those of you who are a bit nifty with technology you can scan the barcodes with your webcam making it even easier or scan it in with your iPhone using the clever musicMagpie app.

I have sold DVDs, games and CDs to musicMagpie on several occasions and can personally recommend the service and ease of use. If you are decluttering and fancy making a bit of extra money check out musicMagpie first!

*Sponsored post but true to what we have experienced as a family!