My Home Project Charity Shop Finds

I love a bargain, especially when it comes to my current interior design fetish. I am transforming my home bit by bit and aim to record my progress here.
This morning I hit the charity shops with my eagle-eyed 6 year old looking for bits and pieces to work with or display and we weren’t disappointed.

Bargain FindsFirst up we found some lovely vintage-looking sheet music for £1.99. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll do with it at this point although I have some ideas which centre around a photo frame and a black and white picture of the kids.

The second find was a £2.99 1955 copy of “District Nursing” .I plan to build a feature shelf of older books in similar colours and this caught my eye. Even better it is not just a pretty book, it is a fascinating book so it is a win/win.

District Nursing

So, what do you think folks? A good morning’s work?

Achica – Budget Winter Interior Inspiration

I am on a mission! Not only do I intend to completely transform my new home to a style I love and which works for the family, I plan to do it within a budget. Budgets aren’t just for those who are on lower incomes nowadays as most people are being more careful. I have a “pot” that I can use for interior design projects and purchases which gets topped up every month as planned however if I want to see my new home look the way I want it to I’ll have to continue stretching the budget otherwise there will be big gaps between purchases and it will be next winter before I get finished.

I’ve mentioned Achica, the online luxury lifestyle store before as part of a series of posts I did in the old house as I managed to get some fabulous looking bargains. I’m back on Achica now looking for inspiration and am finding new deals daily. My brief is for myself is to look for what I consider “Winter” items, strong, character filled and which add warmth to the house (and look fab all year round).

My current list of Achica loves includes several items from the Elegant Oak range. I love oak, I have had pine, I have had mahogany and neither seems to sit well as a good quality high grade natural looking oak piece. For this house, with it’s high ceilings and sympathetically refurbished features I need solid furniture to continue with the same feel. Flat pack from Argos is not going to cut it for me I’m afraid.

Achica – Hampton Nest of Tables. Originally £179.00 they are on offer for a limited time period at Achica for just £89.

Onto the bedroom….
Nothing is nicer on a cool evening than getting out of the bath or shower, getting your PJs on and climbing into a bed made with fabulous quality linens. I think bedding is so important in terms of how well you sleep and I have my eye on some of the bedding from the White Essentials range, specifically the Amalia White King-size duvet set. I adore white and our bedroom is a haven of of white (the only room in which we have a fighting chance of anything staying properly white with two young boys!). The clever leaf design on this bedding is what clinches it for me.

Achica Bedding
Amalia White Kingsize duvet set – RRP £80, Achica price £49.00

Scent and Light

I love candlelight, it is soft, warm and just makes me feel good! Certain scents have much the same effect so scented candles are a must in my house (and are much more pleasant and healthier than spraying air-freshener around). I have my eye on some gorgeous vintage tea-light holders on another site which will work perfectly with these Kenneth Turner (loved by celebs the world over apparently) set of 12 tea-lights which are “White Flower” scented. Jasmine is one of key tones for this candle which I adore and I imagine the overall blend of floral perfumes is delicate yet powerful enough to create a fantastic atmosphere.

Achica home
Kenneth Turner White Flower Tealights (12). RRp £18, Achica price £8.50. Location: Currently in Nicki’s Achica basket.

All of these promotions and more can be found on the Achica Homeware website and are only available to members. Sign up now (for free) to have access and have offers sent to your inbox so you don’t miss out.

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