How Cultured Are You?

According to Google the above definition of being cultured basically backs up the findings of some rather amusing research commissioned on behalf of MSC Cruise. Basically, we Brits apparently fib a little in order to appear more cultured, for example saying we’ve read books, seen plays and similar. Talk about keeping up with the Jones’. Do we really do that? A survey of 1500 people indicated that yes, some of us do.

To me reading books, making time to watch films, visit places and enjoy new experiences is all about enjoyment and broadening my horizons as opposed to having something clever sounding to put on Facebook. Perhaps social media has had a hand in this one-upmanship, the need to appear more cultured when really, being cultured is not something that can be measured, nor should it be.

 For me, indeed for us as a family the thirst for new experiences and knowledge is something that is part of us, the way we are forms part of our family dynamic. To me travelling, for example with Caribbean Cruises who offer a unique way to experience difference cultures in an easy away, being able to visit a number of place on short trips off the ship before moving on is a great way to experience something new. This enables you to plan ahead and visit what is really important to you (and to research the real best places to visit rather than just the tourist spots).

For me joining the local library is a great way to learn more, through fiction and non-fiction. We are big readers and enjoy discussing what we’ve learned. Last week I went with my Mum and sister to a talk on the local area hosted by the local museum. It was fascinating and I was buzzing when we left, eager to come home and share what I’d learned. THAT is what “being cultured” is, experiencing the experiences because you want to, because they excite you and because you want to share them with your nearest and dearest. I can’t see any benefit to pretending to have seen something, done something or been somewhere to look good.

Perhaps it’s just me? What do you think?