A Different Home Office Makeover

I’m a freelance copywriter and have been for nine years. I love my work. I love being my own boss. I love stationery ( a lot) and I love my office space. Or I do for a while. I’ve had a fair few office makeovers, some have hit the blog, some haven’t. Given that my office space is a place I spend a fair whack of time I like it to feel good.

Amongst others, I’ve had a pretty and grown up work space…..


I’ve had a motivated work space…..


What I really want is a “Nicki” office. One that suits ME and me alone (and is unlikely to hit the Pinterest “Top home office example” list).

I’ll need new lighting….


Motivating posters….


I’ll need a new office mug…


I’ll still need to make sure I have enough power points…


Something Retro…


Something cute….



And plants, I’ll need lots of plants….



All of these and more may be found on my Home Office Makeover board on Pinterest (I’ll be adding to it regularly).

The new-look office is still in its planning stages but I’ll make sure I keep you informed of progress, and of course will post a grand reveal at some point.

What do you think? It’s very me, isn’t it?