Cordless Glue Guns For Crafting on the Go

Cordless Glue Guns For Crafting on the Go

Crafting is a fun way to spend your creative energy, and developing the creative side of your brain can help you problem-solve in other ways. Whether you want to make your crafting kit more portable, or you need a high-powered adhesive to help you complete projects from just about anywhere, battery-powered glue guns can be an excellent addition to your equipment stash. For us, Dungeons and Dragons players who make their own scenery, our cordless glue guns are always within reach.

What are Cordless Glue Guns?

Most of us have used classic glue guns in various craft projects from a young age. Hopefully, you haven’t been burned by the glue or the hot metal application tip! Even if you have received a minor burn or two, these adhesive applicators are convenient for many different projects and even repairs around the house. Cordless glue guns are even more versatile since you can store it in your car and use it for repairs or craft projects on the go. Unlike classic glue guns, these cordless glue applicators are charged and powered before you use it, either with your car’s 12V (10 amp) battery or refillable LEC™ (Liquid Energy Cell) batteries.

Features of a 12V Cordless Glue Gun

The cordless glue gun design that charges from your 12V car battery is very affordable at less than £35, and offers the following features:

  • Power supply plugs into any vehicle’s 12V battery outlet (cigarette lighter)
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use 
  • Adjustable trigger to fit different hand sizes
  • Achieves variable glue outputs for each pull of the trigger
  • Narrow profile for more accurate glue application
  • Heats up quickly, reaching full operating temperature in just 5 minutes
  • Easy-to-clean nozzle

Features of a LEC-Powered Cordless Glue Gun

The cordless glue gun powered by refillable LEC power technology is far more heavy-duty, and the price reflects this next-calibre of crafting equipment. However, the variety of applications for this powerful glue gun is nearly endless, with features such as:

  • High standard design
  • No need for batteries or electricity (runs on butane gas in refillable LECs)
  • Full hand trigger and soft handle for comfort during use
  • Easy start, push the gas dial-up and to the right, then press the ignition
  • Quickly reaches operating temperature (just 5 minutes)
  • Controlled by thermostat for optimal temperature efficiency and glue delivery
  • Fast and easy refills to offer up to 90 minutes of operating time

Ways to Use Cordless Glue Guns

You can use your cordless glue gun in any of the ways that you would typically use a classic glue gun, but the cordless versions are much more heavy-duty. Their portable design also offers some unique options for use, including:

  • Vehicle and Boat Trim Repairs. Re-apply trim and patch up any dings to your car, caravan or boat quickly and easily.
  • Children’s Craft and Homework. The days of PVA and so on are gone when it comes to making school models. Homework is much more likely to make it to school in one piece when effectively glued-together.
  • Paintless Dent Removal. Fill in or smooth over a dent to your vehicle or boat with your cordless glue gun. 
  • Exhibition Displays. Bring your cordless glue gun to the exhibition to set up your display in record time. 
  • Home Decor Installation. The LEC-powered gas glue gun is powerful enough to use installing flooring, carpet, and even ceramic tile. 
  • Theatre Prop Construction. The portable design of cordless glue guns makes them perfect for including in your prop-making kit so that you can build your props and sets without any hassle. 

We have corded glue guns here but I am seriously considering investing in cordless glue guns, especially for our geeky craft pursuits. The outlaw may be more but the flexibility could be a winner!

Red Candy UK: Shut Up, Beige!

red candyAs some of you might know, we moved to a new house a few weeks ago. The new house, despite actually only being down the same street is bigger and so much better laid out. I love it! Roy loves, and the kids love it. Now, of course, I have the opportunity to explore new retailers and to experiment with

Now, of course, I have the opportunity to explore new retailers and to experiment with interior design somewhat.

One of the brands I’ve heard of before yet hadn’t shopped with is Red Candy, whose tagline is Shut Up, Beige! Their way of thinking is that home items and gifts don’t need to be mainstream, colourless or bland. No, they should be fun, funky, quirky and even a little weird.

In short, I love Red Candy!

They offered to send me a couple of items to review on the blog so that I might get a better feel of what they offer. I popped onto the site to choose and then hopped back off nearly two hours later with a wish list.
In the end, I narrowed it down to a need and a want.

fabulous origami fox lamp
My Want

I wanted…. Felix! I don’t think this fabulous origami fox lamp came with a name, however, Felix seemed fitting. This is one of those quirky items I mentioned. I loved the shape and the colour and while I didn’t expect much in the way of glow I was most definitely pleasantly surprised.

The only problem with this little guy is that not only does he fit into my lounge so well; he also apparently would look “absolutely awesome” in my six year old’s bedroom. I beg to differ son, it’s staying put!

My Need

Koziol Del Swing-Top BinMy “need” (we all have a list after we move) was a bathroom bin. I loved the colour of this Koziol Del Swing-Top Bin having looked at several rather sad-looking white or grey ones online, however, I didn’t really think through the size of this one (it’s extra small, it says so on the listing and description, I just didn’t click). Despite being a tad small for my particular bathroom (there are four of us) it is perfect for my bedroom and is currently sitting on my dressing table. I’ll call that a win!

Despite being a tad small for my particular bathroom (there are four of us) it is perfect for my bedroom and is currently sitting on my dressing table. I’ll call that a win!

Both items are fabulously made and are only a tiny crystal on the edge of the tip of the iceberg as far as what Red Candy offers. Have a look at the website and if in any doubt get in touch with their friendly social team (Twitter responses seem particularly swift), or just say hi. They’d like that too.

*Thanks to Red Candy for sending over these items for free for me to review. Thanks also for asking for an honest and unbiased review (if these items were crap, I’d have said so and RC were happy with). All reviews are based on my own experiences and opinions and brands hold no editorial control.