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Are you up for a challenge that could completely transform your home?

You may remember seeing a post I wrote recently about the E.ON Innovation project and Home of the Future and how E.ON are looking to the experts when it comes to the future of energy supply and making it more efficient (and cheaper) so naturally they are wanting help from those who really do know… Jo Public. Yes, that is you.


E.ON sponsor the channel 4 show Home of the Future (have you seen it?) which is all about a family who are filmed living in a house with the mid cons and gadgets we will enjoy as part of our future. Some of the products I’ve seen, such as the sensor kitchen roll dispenser and the see through toaster haven’t quite inspired me but some of the ideas for saving energy have been pretty inspired. The show itself is entertaining and interesting so make sure you tune in!

Co-inciding with the show E.ON are asking every day people to help them shape the future of energy by entering a series of challenges,the winners of which will be eligible to win a home energy makeover worth up to £2000 and the winner of each catagory will be up for a chance to be selected to receive the “Star Award” which will increase their prize to a home energy makeover worth £10,000. That is a lot of gadgetry which will make your home very energy efficient.

The challenge which is running at the moment is centered around “wellbeing” chiefly  “What new home energy products or services can you think of that enhance your health and happiness?”. To find out more about thischallenge and the others that are still running make sure you visit the E.ON Innovation page and click on the challenge tab.  Why not  follow the conversation about this project by following E.ON on Twitter @talkingenergy and looking out for the hashtag #eoninnov , you’ll be sure to find some inspiration there and of course make sure you tune into Home of the Future!



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E.ON Innovation – our chance to make changes!

E.ONI have used several energy companies in the past and if I were writing about any other company but E.ON this might be an entirely different post altogether. I have been with E.ON for six years and am a fan, not only of their pricing, customer services and online account system but also because of the way they approach environmental causes and consult with their customers. E.ON are launching a new project this month called E.ON Innovation, which is geared towards finding the next genenration of services and energy products. As part of this project E.ON have set 5 challenges which will coincide with episodes of the new Channel 4 TV show, Home of the Future which E.ON sponsors.

Basically E.ON want you to submit entries from the categories they are looking at which are rest, work, play, food and wellbeing. The first challenge centres around rest and those taking part are challenged to come up with an answer to the question: “How could the home “learn” about your energy use in order to create a more restful environment?“. Some examples would be using a lighting control ie a dimmer perhaps, and setting temperatures to suit different areas. There are many ways you could look at this and the more you put into it, the better.

Why bother? Apart from the fact that the top ideas will researched and produced by E.ON if viable (yes you could be responsible for a gadget or something suitably fabulous being rolled out to E.ON customers – now THAT is doing your bit for the environment!), there are prizes!

The top entry from each challenge will win an energy makeover for their home worth up to £2000, and one of the five winners will receive the Shining Star award which increases the worth of their prize to a makeover worth £10,000!

So, you can make your mark and win a makeover which I can only imagine will do amazing things with regards to reducing your energy bills!


  • I don’t tend to enter contests but this one I will, not because of the fantastic prize (well not entirely anyway!) but because this is something that interests me and I feel it’s time that I stop whining about energy costs and actually start doing something practicial that may help.
  • Will you join me? Pop along to the E.ON Innovation website to find out more and to enter your submission.As forHome of the Future, I’ll be tuning in – it sounds fantastic!
  • Home of the future
  • *This competition is open to UK citizens over the age of 18 and all entries must be submitted before the 9th April. The winning entries will be announced on the 25th June 2012.
  • *If you are a Tweeter then follow @talkingenergy and the #eoninnov hashtag to keep up to date and follow the dialogue about this project.
  • http://youtu.be/z1n3Fc_nXxc
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