Hiring Process Know How

Hiring Process Know How

When you start a business of your own, the idea of hiring your first employee is definitely exciting. While most entrepreneurs launch their ventures alone, before long, you will hopefully have a high enough workload that you need this extra help. I am now in the position of having to outsource more and this might include to a junior copywriter or a VA, therefore, I will shortly be utilising the hiring process again soon. The last time I interviewed was in another life and before self-employment. The decisions that you make during the hiring process will affect your organization as a whole. This is why you must ensure that you make the right ones. With that in mind, here are six killer ways to improve your hiring process. 

Write Accurate Job Descriptions

Anyone that applies for a position within your company or with you will do so based on the description of it that you provide. If you’re experiencing an influx of applications from people poorly suited to the job, then the problem likely lies with that description. Although there isn’t such a thing as a perfect job description, you can improve yours by being clear about the job requirements. 

Shorten The Hiring Process Application Process

Job seekers hate filling out lengthy applications. In fact, many dislike the experience so much that choose not to apply rather than spend lots of time doing so. For this reason, you should shorten your application process as much as you can. Instead of asking candidates a long list of questions, you could have them upload their CV and cover letter. This requires a lot less work. 

Ask Only Relevant Questions

The questions that you ask throughout an interview are crucial. After all, it’s the answers that applicants give you that will separate the good from the bad. Avoid any “magic” questions, therefore, and focus on finding out whether or not the candidate in front of you can do the job. If you start asking people how they would use three wishes, you won’t make a good impression. 

Test The Best Applicants

 Make sure that you do your due diligence and check out candidates properly before hiring. It is your responsibility to ensure that their references are sound and that they do have the qualifications they say that they do. You can find out more checking out applicants if you click here. Some hiring managers also ask that candidates take a written test about the position. 

Get Your Team Involved in the Hiring Process

Since your team will be the ones working closely with any new hires, it makes sense to involve them in the interview process. You want everyone that you employ to get along with one another, after all. You could invite a few of your employees into the interview and let them ask a question or two of their own. They can also provide feedback afterwards to help you make a decision.

Throw In A Survey

After all of the interviews have ended, you could ask the candidates to fill out a survey. This should contain questions about the hiring process as a whole, giving applicants an opportunity to give feedback. While you likely want positive comments, negative opinions can be very useful. They inform you of any potential issues, providing an opportunity to make changes. 

Finding the right employees, colleagues and people to outsource to can be difficult, but improving the hiring process should make it easier.