Engineered Wood Flooring: Affordable Luxury

Engineered Wood Flooring

When it comes to choosing family-friendly flooring, engineered wood flooring should be at the top of your list. There are many reasons this type of flooring is a top choice for those with families or pets and the main reason is that they have children and pets! Hard-wearing, attractive and an affordable alternative to cheap to buy and cheap-looking carpet, engineered wood flooring offers a range of benefits.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Hands up if you have bought cheap and cheerful thin laminate flooring, thinking that it will completely alter the way that your hall, lounge or dining room looks? We’ve all been there, and all lived to regret it. Laminate is nowhere near as hard-wearing as engineered wood flooring and easily lifts and scratches. If like me you’ve tried laminate and other similar alternatives and found them a waste of money, it might be worth thinking again.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring

A lot of work goes into producing engineered wood flooring and that effort is repaid when the end result really does make a difference in someone’s home. Numerous layers of quality timber are combined and then finished with an incredibly high-quality hardwood lamella finish. Offering many of the same benefits of hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring is easier on the budget and is incredibly stable.

When you turn the heating up and down and when there are spills and leaks the flooring stands up brilliantly to all of this abuse. Being hardy, strong and able to adapt to different temperatures means that it would work really well if you were considering installing underfloor heating.

What a Difference Flooring Makes

Nothing pulls a room down quicker than a carpet that is past its best or flooring that is scuffed, scratched, faded or warped. If you really want your home to feel great and look great you need to start from the floor and work upwards.

Engineered wood flooring offers warmth, stability and it looks fantastic. Available in a number of different styles and colours it offers warmth and an attractive look throughout. It’s safe to say that when re-flooring our home we’ll be strongly considering engineered wood flooring for our high traffic areas.


Rhinofloor – Interior Design on a Budget

When a PR friend of mine told me about Rhinofloor I started to measure up! Strong, durable, non-slip, childproof and affordable flooring that looks great?  Who wouldn’t? Thinking of the Innocent Smoothie stain that is now cleverly covered under a rug, and the other scuffs and marks that a carpet falls prey to when you have a house full of boys, grown up or otherwise, Rhinofloor sounds like an ideal solution.

I’d love a wood floor however the cost of this, plus the fitting costs make his anything but a budget choice. Rhinofloor however is self-fitting and starts at £15.99 a square metre.

The focus around this flooring is the combination of strength and great looking floors without the need for hefty bills.

Rhinofloor is the leading vinyl flooring brand and with stone, tile, wooden and mosaic designs, the current range has a look for every room and style, regardless of its function. Unlike “proper” tile, Rhinofloor is soft and warm underfoot despite being so hard wearing.

To find out more about the range have a nosy at the Rhinofloor website where you can locate your nearest retailer. Over two thousand stockists currently carry Rhinofloor so you should be able to find someone not too far away.