Winter Escapes

The British have something of a reputation for being obsessed with the weather. I don’t see this as a bad thing. I might be more of a weather watcher than some (I have two weather apps on my phone) but I’m not too bad. I have been known to have a weather-related moan from time to time….

I’m not a summer gal at heart, you see? I don’t like to be hot, I like floppy jumpers, crisp autumn leaves, fresh spring breezes and a proper winter.

A proper winter seems to be escaping us up in North Yorkshire once more (although it might be too soon to tell for this year). Last year was ridiculously mild and I think we had no more than one decent frost all year. If we aren’t going to have a decent winter with frosts and snowmen and such-like I’m going to opt out next year!

Now, I might not be a hot weather gal but I’ve been told by them in the know that when you go abroad, and to the right places, that the heat is a different type of heat. If it means escaping drizzle and out of whack seasons I’m going to have to risk it!

Now I’m not your clubbing on holiday, Ibiza type gal either. I’d be looking for something warm, not blisteringly hot and something interesting. I want culture, art, architecture and decent authentic food. What’s more I want all of this as part of a family holiday full of winter sun and fun so that we can all enjoy these experiences together.


  • A beach
  • Nice accommodation
  • Nothing *too* touristy
  • History, culture, awesome buildings by the bucket-load
  • Food, wonderful tasting food.

Short of attempting to find my own personal Narnia, what can I do? Is there a family friendly location that will offer me all of this without having to sell one of Roy’s kidneys (I’m quite attached to my own)? I quite like the idea of Morocco – have any of my readers been? It’s too late to book for this year but I’m really coming around to the idea of a winter sun vacation next year, especially if we have another wet and miserable winter this year.

Where would your ideal spot be?


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