The Baby & Toddler Food Bible- Amanda Ursell (Non-preachy)

Taylor is my second son. I’ve done weaning before, but with a four year gap I was feeling a bit rusty so when I was offered the opportunity to review a book which covers all aspects of weaning and food from 6 month – 4yrs, I jumped at the chance!

To be blunt, nothing pee’s me off more than a preachy “This is how you should raise your child” book. The first line in this food bible is “The first thing to grasp as a Mother is that you know best“. I liked the author already!

More than just a recipe book the Baby & Toddler Food Bible covers much more; from fussy eating, what babies and toddlers need with regards to nutrition, info on allergies & intolerances and much more. There is even a section for Mums including what to eat after a bad night’s sleep to help you get through the day, foods for promoting sleep (so the little you may get is better quality!), ensuring you are getting enough iron and more.

Rather than a manual, this is an ideal pick up and look at guide which is practical, easy to read and parent focused. although written by a foremost expert in the field of diet & nutrition, it comes across as a source of help wrtiten by a Mum who has experienced the joys of weaning and this is reflected in the personal snippets of info such as “By 7 months, my son was happy to eat blueberries when prepared this way”.

There is additional information peppered throughout such as – did you know swede is known to cause wind in babies so better left for later in the weaning process? I didn’t… but I do now!

From very simple stage one and stage two recipes for weaning, to wholesome snacks and recipes which all the family can enjoy, this is an all round useful tool!

"Come on Mummy! Get the book out... I'm hungry!"


As well as some great weaning recipes and interesting combinations for introducing different food types, the recipe section has puddings, snacks, convenience foods etc and Kieran has enjoyed making a few of these easy recipes, pretty independently. His favourite easy meal is below!

Sausage Pasta Salad

300g Pasta Shells (Wholemeal if your children will eat them)

120g frozen peas,

100 frozen sweecorn

100 frozen french beans,

4 quorn sausages- grilled, cooled and sliced into small pieces,

2 tbsp of low fat french dressing (optional)

Chopped herbs (optional)

Cook pasta as directed, then drain and cool under running cold water in a colander. Cook peas, sweetcorn & beans, cool then chop beans into piecs. Grill the Quorn sausages and chop when cool. Mix all cooked ingredients together. Add French dressing and chopped herbs if required. Serves 4.

Great because: This colourful salad gives you a serving of vegetables for the day from the peas, sweetcorn and beans, which along with the pasta and Quorn sausage, provides a filling and slow release of energy in the afternoon ahead.

This isn’t yet another guide that you would buy, glance at and pop on the shelf, this is a user friendly, info packed, interesting and family focused publication that is not only great for your own family but would make an ideal gift.

As a Mum I give this a 5/5 rating!

For more information, to buy or download (how swish!) Amanda Ursell’s Baby & Toddler Food Bible, visit Amazon.

Fat Club – A Lull and a Masterplan!

If you have read any of my FatClub posts you’ll know I started in January and did fantastically well (even if I do say so myself!). I got down 12st 8.5lb (from 14st) which was a whopping 19.5lb off. Then I stuck, then I put on, then I lost a bit that I put on, then I stayed the same, and again… you see the pattern. I’ve hit THE LULL. That place I just can’t seem to get past (which is worrying as I have 2st+ to lose!) and I’m losing motivation. And picking. And only sticking the plan 5 days (4.5 days) out of 7.


My monthly pass (you pay a month at a time, saving £1 a week but most importantly, committing yourself to keeping going) expired a few weeks ago (my payment card expired and I never bothered to put the new one on), but I’ve now redone this.

I’ve bought the new magazine and am currently reading through to get some inspiration for next week and will do a meal plan & have have the shopping delivered tomorrow (saving on those naughty things that jump in my basket when I’m not looking if instore). It’s all in the planning for me!

And I’ve set myself a challenge! The leader as giving out last week these lovely slips of paper with a flower on (with a big smiley face in the middle hmm). There were 8 petals and we were asked to write on what we wanted to achieve in 8 weeks. Well seeing as I’m on week 20 and have lost 19lb now, I figure a pound a week is a good target so 8lb in 8weeks it is. I will break this lull!

I have to say a quick thanks to everyone who has “Yayy’d” me or given me the obligatory kick up the arse, it’s working folks – one petal down, I lost 1lb this week. I will keep going so here’s hoping I can get another off next week!

If you have any Weight loss/ WeighWatchers recipes or hints and tips, please comment or link up with them if you’ve posted them. Weight loss can be a solitary struggle but it doesn’t need be.

Thanks all!