My Children Love Me Enough to Buy Hot Dogs

We really don’t do Valentine’s Day (Roy and I). We’re not anti-St Val’s by any means we just don’t feel the need (we’re more the spontaneous romantics and doing little things to make each other smile regularly people). Given our somewhat meh stance on gift gifting, I was quite surprised when Taylor became quite upset walking home from swimming on the 14th February because he hadn’t got me anything for Valentine’s Day. The poor lad was really quite upset with himself, as I am the girl he loves the most.

Thankfully we walk past the shop on the way home so he borrowed all the cash I had on me, my £1 coin swimming locker change, to buy me something special.
Who needs a steak dinner when you have fab boys like mine and a tin of hot dogs?

Could You Foster a Child in Need?

I don’t know a lot about fostering. I have never been in foster care, and I don’t think anyone I know has ever been in foster care. What I do know is that the opportunities that long and short term care foster carers provide can make a world of difference to children who find themselves in need.

UK Fostering  are calling out as they are desperate for more carers to take on the role of foster carer as there are sadly just too many children who need somewhere to stay and someone to care.

Fostering can work in a variety of different ways, from short term care to longer placements and the reasons for someone in need requiring somewhere safe to stay can vary wildly. I could list examples but what I’d rather do is give you information from UK Fostering which better explains the process and urge you to consider whether fostering is for you.

The process

If you can help you could make a significant difference to a vulnerable child who just needs someone to reach out to them.

For more information on what UK Fostering do and how the whole process works please visit the website.

Thanks x