Precious Parcels

This is not a review or a sponsored post. This is me shamelessly plugging my best friend’s business, NOT because she is my friend but because what she makes and sells are just gorgeous!

Precious Parcels was founded after Natalie Hickey took a favourite hobby, making personalised plaques, and put a few on Ebay. They shot out of the door, as did the next batch and from there Natalie now runs an award winning business producing thousands of orders a year for both individuals and businesses (wholesale).

Why choose today to plug Precious Parcels? Well, it’s nearly Christmas folks (sorry but it is!) and as well as her dedicated Christmas range, PP is packed full of personalised and more generic items for babies, children, adults and the home. Perfect gifts for Christmas and beyond

The slideshow just shows a few of the cracking items Natalie has available.

One thing Natalie and I have in common is a mutual dislike for inflated postage charges which is why Natalie has kept hers at just £1.95 regardless of the size of your order. You really can’t say fairer than that.
IMPORTANT:  The last day you can order anything from Precious Parcels this year, to ensure Christmas delivery is by 5pm on Monday 12th December.

My personal favourites on the website at the moment are:

(Just click on each item to be taken to it on the Precious Parcels website)

Each personalised baking kit includes: Cotton bag with cupcake design (21 x 26cm), Rolling pin, Wooden spoon, Pastry brush, Spatula, Chopping board, 25 cake cases, and a Personalised wooden star for £7.95
Merry Christmas Stockings Plaque Distressed effect plaque with decoupage hanging stockings. With 3D holly, red gingham ribbon and raffia. Plaque measures 15cm x 10cm (I have this and it has so many people have commented on it!). Available for £9.95.
Shh, Kieran is getting one of these for Christmas! £12.95


Available in 4 beautiful colours. Like most of our products, these are exclusive to PP and only available on the Precious Parcels website. Measures 8" x 8" and costs £19.95 (and are gorgeous!). Click on the picture to see more of these and other canvas products PP are currently offering.

Just a few of my favourites and you can see why!

So why not visit Precious Parcels to view the full range and catch up with Natalie for news and offers on FacebookTwitter and on the new-ish PP The Blog!


** As previous stated this is not a review but in the interests of being completely open, Natalie did buy me some duck pancakes last time I went to visit. This has not added any bias to my write up, but they were really delicious, especially with the plum sauce.

The customer service divide – what is going wrong?

Yesterday I experienced terrible customer service at the hands of a well known large company. I was bounced around six different departments (which included my hanging up and redialing, and not to freephone numbers). Different departments were quite rude about other departments, then myself. My query was never really successfully answered and as one customer service rep told me bluntly: “You are being fobbed off”. Great!

As a result of this I was left frustrated and angry but what saddens me most, is that I wasn’t surprised. Nowadays it seems that good service is the exception rather than the rule. When I do my shopping, be it online or otherwise I use a variety of retailers, both large companies and smaller, independent ones. Over time I have noticed that the levels of good customer service between these are widening. I rarely receive anything but excellent service from smaller retailers and on the odd occasion that there has been a problem, it is usually dealt with quickly, efficiently and pleasantly.

I have to wonder if more needs to be done with larger companies to narrow the divide. I know that the company I encountered yesterday have an extensive induction and training programme and that customer service is included heavily in this. What is going wrong? What can these companies do to pull their levels of customer service up? Do staff need to be monitored more carefully? Is this plausable, given the extra workload and expensive it would cause? I hate to see large companies written off / slated because of the actions of the few.

What is the answer? Do you agree that smaller businesses and services have much better service records than larger companies? Why do you think this is and what can be done in big businesses to bridge the gap?

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