I don’t take things for granted – sensitive.

A bit of a much-needed emotional outpour

I had a hideous day to yesterday. Kieran and I set off for a march out in the fresh air and we didn’t get to the end of the street before we ended up flat on our faces (grazed cheeks, arms etc). I’m not sure whether I tripped and brought him down or the other way but either way, we went down well! We were both fine but I was petrified I had hurt baby (am 22weeks pregnant). I was 95% sure I didn’t hit my abdomen but the doubt, the fear…. not a lot of fun. Straight home, Kieran consoled and cleaned up (he was fine, thank god!) and me onto the bed willing baby to move, kick, anything! He obliged and thankfully hasn’t stopped since. I rang NHS direct – I couldn’t see a local midwife as they don’t work Fridays in clinic, but wanted to speak to someone even though I was fairly sure all was ok. They were brilliant I have to say. I had heard stories of people waiting hours for return calls etc but 15 minutes after my initial call I was called back by a nurse who was very thorough in her questioning and very reassuring. She assured me that as I wasn’t having any bleeding, cramps, pain, had no bruises or scrapes on my abdomen and baby was as active as ever that I was in all likelihood fine, and that had I actually hit my abdomen I would have known. I was told to ring the maternity ward at the local hospital if after another hour I had any worries or if at anytime I had bleeding /cramps but all is well and peachy today.

I woke this morning feeling like I’d been run over by a bus (everywhere but my abdomen hurts!) from 1) the fall and 2) sitting so stiff and still all day monitoring baby kicks but am fine. Bubs is playing ball with regular movement so I am reassured.

However I never ever want to feel the chilling fear I felt after falling yesterday. Being upset and hormonal anyway I was convinced it was all over, I would lose this baby, it was awful but after calming down and knowing all was ok, it really made me take stock of just how lucky i was to have Roy, Kieran and baby2. I treasure our family and certainly won’t be taking anything or any of them for granted anytime soon.

No burning question or debate attached to this post, just a thankful Mum posting about her thoughts.