Summer Working, Balance and Guilt

I blog. This much is obvious, but I also work on a freelance basis. I do some market research work, I ghost write for businesses and blogs, and do other paid writing work. Hooray, I’m getting there… but what the bloody hell will I do over summer?

We have lots of outings planned during the summer, to air shows, to visit friends and a short holiday away – but the rest of the time it’ll be playing at home / in the garden (weather permitting) and short day trips. School finishes today and I am yet to work out just how I’m going to get the work done and spend quality time with the boys. Up until now, Kieran has been at school every day and Taylor (possibly the most laid back baby ever) has been easy to work around. My (fabulous) Mum takes Taylor one day a week so I can have a proper “heads down” day and over the summer Kieran will go to a playscheme one day a week while Taylor is visiting with Grandma so that’s one day…. urm?!

Do you have any Summer-holiday working tips? I am looking forward to having them both at home and having fun but DO need to work (pesky bills and all that) so how can I get the balance right between the two without subjecting them to a summer of seeing the top of Mummy’s head over a laptop screen?

What do you do, how do you organise you time? Is it possible to have it all, the fun and the “proper” work-time?



Shop bought baby food. Why the guilt? (Review)

When I was pregnant with Kieran (my first) I read every book, visited every forum and I knew what I had to do to ensure that I would be the perfect mum.

Looking back now, as a Mum of two I marvel at how I managed to get through a whole day without somehow getting injured due to my naivety! You very quickly learn that you only have one pair of hands, that there are only 24hrs in a day and also that your baby will not be the same as anyone else’s…. they are all individual. So, best laid plans aside, I realised it wouldn’t hurt anyone to try and make things easier on myself occasionally.

Ready made baby food *GASP*. A lazy mum’s shortcut or a life-saver? Definitely the former. Freezing veg and mushed up meats etc I didn’t find too difficult as I was cooking them anyway but breakfasts were a nightmare. Kieran lived on those powdered cereals until he was old enough for weetabix etc. Recently Plum-Baby sent me two of their breakfast pouches to try with Taylor. I love these! (As did Taylor at a guess as the contents soon disappeared). At last something different for breakfast! We tried Banana & Apricot Porridge and Prune, Peach & Baby Rice and I was impressed not only at the ease of use (ready to go in a pouch which can be resealed and popped in the fridge to finish within 2 days) but at the list of wholesome and rubbish-free ingredients. Everything is organic, there is no added salt or sugar, no bulking agents, no additives…. basically (in my humble opinion) these are just as good, if not better, than any such breakfast I could try and make by hand.

So why the guilt? Why should we feel bad because everything that passes through our child’s lips hasn’t be grown in our own garden and lovingly sieved for hours…! Never mind the books, ready made baby food isn’t the work of the devil but a convenient, tasty and healthy meal for my precious ones.

Plum baby pouches are 99p each (RRP) and available via their website and selected retailers. Catch up with them on Facebook for news and special offers and why not join the chat on Twitter?

*Plum Baby sent us some pouches to try and review. This is where their input end, all finding are those of mine and my families and based on our our experience of the product