REVIEW: Little Dish Favourites Cookbook

I was recently sent a bag of goodies from Little Dish and was asked to test and review. Along with this was the newly released cookbook, written /compiled by Hillary Graves, co-founder of Little Dish.

I’ve saved this book up for half term as Kieran has a keen interest in recipes and cooking/baking so I thought it would be good to combine cookery skills with a cheap half-term activity!

The recipe book is hardback and contains over 60 recipes from weaning onwards. We’ve tried several recipes now and have found them easy to follow and tasty! (Kieran has decided he wants to be a chef when he grows up, although he still wants to be a bin-man/refuse-collector on a Monday, which is when the big truck collects in my street lol!).
The best thing, in my Mummy opinion, is that these are real recipes for families. I’ve looked at lots of kiddies cookery books/cards etc and they tend to be mainly cakes and biscuits of snack like “meals” which would not go down well with Daddy after a full day at work lol! I hate the waste of cooking one meal for kids and another for adults, so these are just perfect. Our favourites so far include Lentil Soup, GG’s Chicken Supreme and Hearty Beef Stew.This book also has invaluable information on how long something can be refrigerated for and whether it is safe to freeze, and if so, how to best reheat etc.

At the end of the day, a cookery book is a cookery book, but this one is one that has struck a cord with me as it is encouraging healthy eating and cooking, which is so important; is easy to follow, and fab for getting the kids involved!

I would definitely recommend this as a good family/children’s all rounder cookbook, focussed at healthy and filling recipes based around a balanced diet.
Oh and the recipes are “Yummylicious Mummy”.

This recipe book is available from Tescos, Ocado and Amazon amongst other retailers.

Half Term Frugal Fun & Orchard Toys Old Macdonald Lotto

It has been a very full on 7 weeks for Kieran (and Mummy!). 7 whole weeks of fulltime school for the first time. He has loved it but as with most of his class – is now exhausted and ready for this half term! True to form the weather is shocking so we have been looking for entertaining but not too expensive activities and fun to keep us occupied! (Sorry but I just don’t DO soft play during half-term, pregnancy or um during any lucid moments!).

Orchard Toys – Old Macdonald Lotto

When this arrived I was over the moon! We love Orchard Toys and are yet to find a jigsaw or game that hasn’t provided hours of family fun with the additional bonus of being educational.
This game is a fun farmyard lotto game aimed at younger players (ages 2-6years) and encourages memory skills and observation. It also encourages multiple versions of “Old Macdonald Had A Farm” in various different keys and hilarious animal noises and impressions (in fairness Daddy’s cow impression is yet unbeaten in the Cawood house for pure hilarity!!).

As a Mum what I appreciate is the sturdy box, well made pieces (I hate games with flimsy pieces!) and how attractive the game is colour and picture wise. The bold colours and design is engaging and keeps Kieran’s interest. I’m also impressed with the lack of plastic packaging. Nothing annoys me more than ripping through loads of plastic that is completely unnecessary and wasteful!
Fab family fun you can stay in your PJ’s for!
We have spent hours playing both traditionally (via the easy to read instructions) and our own ridiculous versions and have had lots of fun! A top product that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy for our family or for someone as a gift.

Old Macdonald is available to purchase direct for £9.00 – where you can view the rest of the range. There really is something for everyone.

Thanks OT for giving up the opportunity to test this!

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