The Untold Indignities of Pregnancy

After a Twitter chat with fellow pregnant lovely, it brought to mind some of the symptoms and lovely other physical and emotional trials you go through, which of course no-one sees fit to warn you of in advance!

Today’s gory rememberance involves……. a THROMBOSED PILE.
I went to the GP at 37 weeks with a thrombosed pile! Seriously, think a excrutiating third bumcheek. My GP asked me to get up on the trolley and show him. First off, I was a very heavy 37wk-er so getting up on the trolley via a stepstool was well, lets just say, it took ages! One peek and his comment was “My word, that is massive!”. My reply was “I’m assuming you mean the pile, not my rear end!“.
Cue trip to A&E, and the on-call insisted on first calling Maternity to tell them I was here and what was wrong etc before doing anything. On the phone he bellowed “Yes, Mrs Cawood, lives at ****, yes Mrs Cawood, 2 ****** Close, Yes, thrombosed piles, yes piles, very large, anal yes, Mrs Cawood…..“.
The sniggers from everyone in cubicles, was only slightly more obvious than my husband’s who was desperately trying to mask it!
Then he decided we needed a consultant to deal with the problem, so back on the phone, again very loudly “Mrs Cawood, (reeled off my address, full name, DOB), HUGE, thrombosed bile, yes Sir, too large for me to deal with, I would appreciate your input, bigger than anything I’ve seen before” (Seriously – I’m sure at this point I heard someone sobbing in glee down the corridor).

Yes, I made other people in cubicles very very happy!

On the upside once the Consultant came for his “viewing” it was dealt with very quickly and I shuffled off home able to sit straight (almost) for the first time in days. This is quite a funny account (and completely true!) but was anyone else warned about thrombosed piles at Antenatal Class? Damn sure I don’t remember if I was! I suppose between piles, cramp, indigestion and the other unmentionables that come along with pregnancy, we are best kept somewhat in the dark, otherwise no-one would dare get pregnant!!

Does anyone else have any hideous (faintly amusing) tales to share?

Cawood Baby 2 has had it's 20wk+ scan….

Time to do a quick personal blog!

We had the 20wk+ scan on Friday and were thrilled to find that baby is progressing well, everything is correct for my dates, and everything appears to be where it is supposed to be. What a relief! We always get nervous before a scan, and baby is good (as was Kieran funny enough) at keeping very still on the run-up to a scan, just to help with the nerves (!) so getting everything checked out and getting the “all good” (as much as they can of course) was just fantastic. True to form baby has been jumping around, kicking and generally making a nuisance of itself on my internal organs since the scan.

I dared to asked (as the grumpy cow wasn’t going to volunteer as everyone else does) the gender and it’s a…..

boy! ha told everyone was it was another little fella but no-one believed me. Mummy knows best you know.

Kieran is understandably thrilled also as “Girls are Yucky!!” so all is going well.
Baby 2 will be called Taylor, after my Grandad Taylor who I was very close to and loved dearly and already it’s lovely to think of “Taylor” rather than It, Bubs, Baby etc. No second name yet but that’ll come in time. Kieran is also pleased with the name. He is practicing it often, just the other day he sat with the Argos catalogue and said “My brother Taylor would love this Mummy”, “Daddy can we get this for Taylor?”. I’m not sure Taylor will immediately be into Ben10 and technical lego but Kieran says thats ok because Kieran will share it all with him so it won’t get wasted. Clever boy!

Anyway- before I run off (run ha lol, oh I wish), what are people’s thoughts on finding out the gender at scans? My take is “why not?”. If we hadn’t been able to see then fair play and we wouldn’t have forked out for a sexing scan privately to find out, but if the option is there… I’m unable to curb the nosy-factor! Many people now do find out, but I have been told a few times since “Why did you want to do that? It’s ruined the suprise!” so we obviously don’t all feel the same way- so where to stand- to ask or not to ask?

PS. IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!

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