Quick! Budget Fashion Buys From Next

The Next Summer Sale starts TODAY!

All sale items are half price or less and are available both in store or online. Anyone who knows anything about the Next sales will know that there are incredible bargains to be had but that you need to move fast.

Be budget savvy in your shopping and buy items that you know you will wear, that will work with the items you already have in your wardrobe and visit the accessory section to jazz up existing outfits at a fraction of the usual price.

Above all, have some fun! Try new colours and styles and don’t be afraid to choose something different to what you would usually wear. Experimenting with cuts and styles in order to find something that makes you look and feel fabulous is what fashion is all about.

Get online now  or get your list together, your sensible sale stalking shoes on and hit the town.
If you get anything fabulous come back and tell me about it!

Treating “The Girls” With Respect

Before I start writing about my breasts……
Seeing as I love clothing, am determined to dress more “fashionable goddess” than “just fell out of the wardrobe” and have a mild addiction to all things interior design related, I have decided to accept the invitation to join the Next Blogger Network. I don’t get paid to talk about Next but there are some perks I believe (which I will disclose if I’m offered any) but I do have access to up to date info on ranges, offers and all sorts. I’ll pick and choose info that interests me and hopefully they will interest you too.

Now where was I? Ah, my boobs. To avoid confusion I must tell you that my boobs are actually referred to as The Girls. Recently I took The Girls on a day trip and had them professionally measured and what not for the first time in more years than I care to admit. Previously I was wearing a series of floppy Avon bras that had been washed to death and had lost all support. hardly sexy lingerie! I was wearing a 40DD. It turns out that the reason the girls were getting cross was that they actually belong in a 34FF, it’s no wonder I was flopping all over the place (nice image or what?).
Basically, the moral of this slightly disturbing boob tale is that it is so important to get yourself professionally fitted regularly as your shape does change.

Now that I have a better idea of my size and the type of bras that suit and fit me best I find myself on the lookout for new lingerie that doesn’t sport the “just boil washed” looked. Being a new memeber of the Next Network, I have had reason to browse online and find out more about what is on offer. The lingerie department has not escaped my notice and I am thrilled to have find some fantastic looking bras in the DD-G range.

This Black/Ecru Satin And Lace Padded Bra  is just lovely and is currently on sale for £12. This is actually cheaper than the budget bras I once tried to enjoy and most definitely looks better.

This two pack of fun looking bras cost just £18 and are on the top of my “must encase my Girl’s in” list.

I could waffle on forever about the lingerie range for those with larger Girls and for those who fit the more standard sixe, however I believe the website speaks for itself. What I would hope that you take away from this post is:

1) A reminder to get your Girls properly measured and fitted, they are worth it!

2) The urge to fight the misconception that fun, supportive and good looking bras cost a fortune. Next has something to fit all ranges.

Now, a question for you… what is your favourite bra style? T-Shirt, moulded, plunge?