Wedding Guest Outfit

Wedding Guest Outfit

I need your help! Roy and I are at the wedding of a good friend in a few weeks and up until now, I haven’t given a thought to what I’ll be wearing. The last wedding I went to was in 2008 (a family affair) and since then I’ve gained a few stones and now live pretty much exclusively in jeans. Can you help a curly-haired fashion disaster find a wedding guest outfit that won’t break the bank and that could possibly be worn again?

Wedding Guest Outfit for Dummies

There really should be a one size fits all guide to wedding guest attire. It used to be that when it came to going to a wedding everyone wore a proper wedding outfit. That meant a hat for us women, a jacket, full suit for the fellas and so on. Everything seems much more casual now and yet we still need to make the effort because while we won’t be in any of the main photos, no doubt we’ll get snapped at some point or other.  When we got married in 2003 the wedding guest outfit choices were indeed more casual but then it’s a pretty swanky place we are going to. Where is that Dummies guide?

Not Dresses

The last time I wore a dress was on my wedding day. No really! Having managed to avoid baring my legs up wedding guest outfituntil now it is safe to say that my wedding guest outfit will not be including a dress or a skirt in any way. Besides, I just feel nicer in a trouser suit or set. In fact, I’m seriously considering a jumpsuit just as this one from JD Williams. A nice navy one with Bardot shoulders. I’m not sure what I’d put over the top i.e. jacket, cardi, bolero, feather boa? What do we think about that one? A jumpsuit is a bit more dressy I think than just trousers and again, it isn’t a dress.

Are there any 5ft 2.5″ readers out there who are plus-size and who have tried a jumpsuit? Does it work? I’m hoping so!


I don’t really do colours, at least not in normal clothing. I’m a black/dark grey or navy gal, it’s just the way I am. I feel confident in those types of colours. I’m guessing black for a wedding guest outfit in the spring is a no go. Navy could really work as long as I accessorise properly. I could add a splash of colour that way and still feel comfortable. That’s the plan anyway. A fascinator or hat is out (no chance with these crazy curls). New flats, a bag, some jewellery and a so-on could be in order.

Wedding Guest Outfit Woes: In Conclusion

Clearly, a jumpsuit is calling to me but I want to know what your opinions are. I’m limited on time for shopping (we move house next week and the wedding is the week after, during half term). I have possibly left my wedding guest outfit shopping a little later than I should but there’s no point worrying over that now. Let me know if the comments below what you consider proper spring wedding attire and any tips for keeping my outfit cost down and maximising my comfort. Once I’ve sussed the outfit and am happy with it I can relax and start looking forward to the day a little more! Here’s hoping I can pull something decent looking off! 

Supply Chain Procedures Post-Brexit

Supply Chain Procedures Post-Brexit

It doesn’t matter how you voted in the 2016 referendum; no-one could imagine the current situation. We could be days away from a no-deal Brexit and that could hurt everyone, businesses especially. There has been a lot of chatter amongst the business community about how to ramp up supply chain procedures in order to keep customers happy, ensure continuity (as much as possible) and protect a business in the light of the new movement of goods rules and tariffs. Needless to say, I’m pleased as ever to be someone who works primarily online!

The Importance of Excellent Supply Chain Procedures

Ensuring prompt transportation of goods and the correct packaging is highly important on all levels of supply. If your goods were to arrive to with the customer in question late, then they would not be very happy. Moreover, if they were to arrive in the incorrect packaging or without any quality control, then again the customer would not be very impressed.  While the majority of businesses have this built into their procedures as standard, everyone is going to have to really step it up as far as supply chain procedures are concerned to try and overcome difficulties caused by new legislation. Not doing so could lead to a negative impact on a business’s reputation.

Practical Changes to Supply Chain Procedures 

What level of purchase and product packaging options do you need to consider in order to provide a high level of service? First and foremost, it is pivotal to ensure that the inventory is sorted effectively and that no mistakes are made. You need a high software solution which locates every good and every procedure. This is true whether you are selling thousands of products or have a much smaller range. You can also increase packing efficiency with order picking trolleys and the right equipment. There are obviously different procedures of sorting out goods – from small parts assembly to kitting services. You need to ensure the right method is utilised. Doing so will save you time, something that will likely be needed more in the export portion of your business.

When there are several products which are identically assembled together, kitting is the most efficient solution. All of the products will be transported to the warehouse whereby they can be sorted and the packaging procedure can begin imminently – the cutting of the packaging material, the bagging of the products, the tagging of the goods – everything will be completed so that the goods are ready for the transportation process. This is highly efficient because kitted products can be shipped as soon as the order comes in. All that is left is the labelling of the destination address.

These supply chain procedures will depend on what your business supplies! You might offer gift wrapping. Some products, such as pens, which may come in blister packs. Alternatively, there are those which need to be tightly packed, such as modular displays, and so require shrink film wrapping. It is important for all to be aware of the packing procedure involved for each good to ensure efficiency and accuracy in dispatch.

Supply Chain Procedures Post-Brexit

These are just a few of the points that you need to consider in order to maximise the efficiency of your supply chain procedures and look to overcome any challenges to your business, now or in the future. What changes have you already put in place to ensure your customers can still receive your products in good time? Are you having to wait until you can see what happens with Brexit? For businesses, all of this “not knowing” can be costly and frustrating which is why so many of us are having to think and plan for worst-case scenario. What a world!


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