Activities You Must Try Before the Kids Grow Up

Time flies by so fast, particularly when you’re a parent.  One minute your child is fully dependant on you and the next they are moving out. While we may have the freedom to try new things as an adult, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of trying new family activities as a child.

If you are looking for ideas for the summer holiday or just pre-planning for your future children, make sure you try these activities with your little ones.

In the Great Outdoors

Getting outdoors is fantastic, the world is full of glorious sights and sounds to discover and fun to be had. Take the kids camping – caravan holidays are great fun and going full-nature in a tent is the ultimate experience. Roast marshmallows over an open campfire, stargaze long into the night – August is an amazing time for camping in the UK if you go somewhere with little to no light pollution. The Perseid Meteor Shower peaks over August 9-13 and is sure to delight (adults and children alike!). For those really warm nights, get them to drag their sleeping bags outside and sleep in the open air.

Warm days offer a fantastic opportunity to hit the beach, go paddling in the surf, build a sandcastle, fly a kite. Get them involved with nature and try your hand at fishing or crabbing – great for teaching your kids about wild animals. Not on the coast? There’s more fun to be had at the park – set a family record on the swings, climb a tree, roll down a big grassy hill, collect caterpillars together to hatch into butterflies – you could even organise a big water fight!


Cold weather on the way? That doesn’t have to stop you, every kid (big and small) should dance in the rain at least once. Once the snow starts falling, get outside and build the best snowman you can, or maybe a snow fort – you never know when the first snowballs will start to fly.

In the Comfort of Home

So, your kids aren’t the outdoors type, but that’s okay – there’s still plenty to be done inside. Get messy with arts and crafts (maybe pop a protective table-cloth down first) from collages made of feathers and sequins to dying t-shirts and even painting eggs. There’s plenty of get-stuck-in activities for you and your child to do together and make some long-lasting memories. Get your little ones involved in the kitchen, make a cake together or some home-made ice cream, this is an ample opportunity to teach them about health and wellbeing too!

If you’ve got the time, why not learn an instrument together – or get your child into lessons to learn themselves. Encourage them to put on little performances and make sure to cheer them on.

Looking for ideas for something a bit quirky? Why not have a fancy-dress day, where you both get dressed up and spend the day having fun. Make a cardboard/blanket fort, watch some favourite movies and stay up talking by torch-light.

A Great Day Out

Getting out with the kids, particularly when they are little, can be a bit tough but can be great fun when they’ve got a bit more independence. Plan a day to the Zoo to see their favourite wild animal or head out to an age-appropriate theme park. Get the kids involved in organising – what they will need to pack for a day trip and what they’d like to do before it’s time to head home. Every day is another learning opportunity, even if it’s hidden in something fun!


Why not get your kids involved in planning some activities over the Summer holiday? You could show them how to plan ahead and even use the opportunity for budgeting lessons – good money management starts at a young age! Get them to compare the cost of activities – from choosing to go visit a caravan site to travelling to a long-distance destination.

Carve some time out and make a list of what you and your kids hope to achieve this year, for every activity you complete, you can tick off the list together. We all know life can be busy, but time waits for no-one, so make sure you make the most of your time with your children before they grow up.

Top Tips for Surviving an Apocalypse


The beauty of having your own blog is that you may write about anything you like. Anything. Today I’m considering my plan for surviving an apocalypse.

First off, there are different kinds of disasters. In the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse, I’m pretty screwed. Roy has already shared his zombie-related survival plan with me and if we are cornered I think that he’ll be shoving me to the front as I’m diabetic and therefore my blood will be sweeter and so I’ll be able to keep the hoards happy and occupied while I’m supplying their lunch, allowing everyone else to disappear to safety. Once the zombies arrive it’s every man/woman for themselves.

Luckily, zombie apocalypse isn’t likely. Whatever the cause these top tips for surviving post-disaster may be worth saving (or printing out because there’s unlikely to be the internet if anything goes sidewards).

Top Tips for Surviving an Apocalypse

This isn’t a specific plan, that would depend on what caused the apocalypse but a good starting point for “normal” apocalypse situation.

Get Provisions

It doesn’t matter whether your post-world-as-we-know-it knowledge comes from The Tribe or Walking Dead. Provisions are the first thing on your list, once you gathered your family and your wits. 

Think short, medium and long-term:

  • Medicines: Anything you can get your hands on. It’s unlikely big pharmaceutical companies will be up first aid kitand running for a while post-disaster. Any medical supplies will be of invaluable use so don’t forget the first aid kit.
  • A Radio: Every disaster movie shows someone finding someone via a cranky old radio. It’s a good thing to have.
  • Batteries: Electricity is going to be a gonna so load up with as many batteries as you can. You never know when they may come in handy.
  • Canned food and dried goods.
  • Sundries: Glue, tape, string, needles and thread and so on.
  • Tools: Everything from a can opener to a pair of scissors.
  • Clothing: There’s no fashion show post-apocalypse so consider serviceable layers. The more pockets the better. You want to be able to stay warm and dry. Likewise, sturdy footwear. It’s very likely that you’ll soon realise that the older folks were right when they said they don’t make things to last like they used to but do what you can.
  • Seeds and cuttings: We’ll cover this more later but if you have homegrown produce or can get your hands on seeds and tools, this would be a huge advantage long term.
  • Protection: I’ll be warding anyone with bad intentions off with my steely Mum look. How you plan to protect yourself is up to you.

Get The Hell Out of Dodge

If you live in an urban area which relies entirely on modern utilities to keep going, you may need to relocate. And fast. Leave a note for anyone coming looking for you to tell them you survived, are ok and are moving on but not to worry, then grab what you need (and can carry) and start looking for somewhere you can have shelter and start to be self-sufficient. A natural, clean water source is always good.

Be Self Sufficient

There aren’t any supermarket stockists coming, the local cafe is going to be closed and we’re all going to get hungry pretty quickly. In the short term, we can be frugal with what we’ve collected however we really need to get cracking on protecting our future. Hopefully, when relocating you went for somewhere with shelter and planting soil. Again, clean water is a must. Take a day to get your head together then alternate between foraging and planting. If you managed to settle somewhere with chickens and so on, you are laughing. The key to survival is long-term planning.

Make Friends

My overall plan is to live a fairly isolated, self-sufficient life (eventually). In the meantime having a few friends is not going to be a bad thing. Trading goods is a way to not only survive but thrive and it’s good to know people have your back if needed. 

Survival of the Fittest

Clearly, those who will survive are the ones with one eye on the future. Find a safe and steady base and build a new life, pronto. Make sure you keep some provisions and tools hidden away, just in case a local maniac decides to take a shine to you and your land, requiring you to make a quick exit. Staying off the grid as much as possible is always advised. Enjoy the fruits of your labours and get plenty of exercise and sleep. This is my plan for post-apocalypse life. What do you have in mind?


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