Considering Retirement Accommodation Options

Considering Retirement Accommodation Options

I recent months I’ve started to do a lot of future planning. I’ve looked at finances, insurances and even retirement. A lot of people tend to avoid the topic of retirement as much as they can. They think that it’s not going to happen any time soon and that they have plenty of time to save up money for the day they exit the workforce. In reality, you should be planning for retirement as early as possible to help you manage your financial responsibilities. Early retirement can sound like a good idea, but it’s actually more about reaching financial freedom so that you can safely retire with ample funds to live out your golden years. If the current situation has taught me anything it is that having your bases covered, from pensions to considering retirement accommodation options should be put off.

 In this post, I’ll be covering some of the most common retirement accommodation options and why you should consider them.

Considering Retirement Accommodation Options: House Sharing with Relatives

If your relatives or family members are inviting you to stay with them, then this can be the most economical option since you can simply sell your home and take all the capital into your retirement fund. This can be a great option for families with larger homes. 

Care Homes

For seniors with medical or mobility issues, care homes might be the most practical solution for retirement accommodation. You’ll be given a private room and shared communal areas to engage with other residents and staff members. While it can feel a little restrictive, it does provide the best care that you could ask for. Senior care ranges from full-on nursing support to much more independent choices. These are worth considering as you don’t know what your future holds and you want to be able to afford the best choice for you.

Retirement Villages

If you’d like to be surrounded by purpose-built developments and other seniors around your age then retirement villages can be a fantastic choice. These can provide a huge mix of accommodation styles and you’ll be able to downsize your existing property to something a lot smaller and affordable. Consider a set up such as ERL retirement villages that offer lots of additional services and local amenities that can enhance your experience. While there are some age restrictions, these self-contained villages can feel like holiday homes in some cases and will provide lots of extra comforts that will make your life a lot easier.

Considering Retirement Accommodation Options: Staying in Your Current Home

Of course, you could just stay with your current home if you’re content with it.  While many people prefer to just stay in their own home, there are arguments for downsizing that should be considered since it can save a lot of money and offer more comfort. Staying in a large and empty home isn’t for everyone but it really depends on your personal preferences.

Just like how you have lots of retirement options, there are also lots of different choices for retirement accommodation. Doing your research here is important because purchasing a retirement property can be a huge investment.

Have you started to look differently at your future because of what is going on in the world and your world right now? I certainly have. Next up is to take another look at my insurances to make sure everything is up to date and that my cover is adequate.

6 Brilliant Ways to Promote Your Freelance Business

6 Brilliant Ways to Promote Your Freelance Business

Going freelance has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it affords you the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss and work exactly how you like. I’ve been freelancing since 2006 and can’t imagine working any other way. While initially, a lack of fixed income can be a concern this can be alleviated if you promote your freelance business effectively.

One of the biggest challenges as a freelance worker is self-promotion. Whatever industry you are in, you will need to get your name out there and stand out amongst your competition. And you don’t have the marketing budget of a large company to help you. All of your marketing costs must come out of your own pocket. There are many affordable yet effective ways of marketing your business. Here are six of the best promotion techniques.

Promote Your Freelance Business: Referrals

A happy customer is your best asset when promoting your business. If a client is satisfied with your work, they are more than likely to provide a positive referral about your services if you ask them to. Most buyers’ decisions are influenced by their peers, so a recommendation from a respected source will do wonders for growing your client base. Take testimonials and post them on your website or social media.

Promote Your Freelance Business Start a Blog

As a Copywriter, I can confirm that creating high-quality, valuable content is one of the best ways to get your name out there. By regularly posting on a blog, you can acquire a dedicated fan base and attract potential customers. The content of your blog should relate to your business without being overly promotional. Establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry, providing the answers to people’s problems and making them remember you long after they click off the page.

Email Marketing

Sending out cold emails is a strategy that requires a lot of patience, however, can be highly effective. By capturing visitor contact details on your website, you can build an email list. By sending relevant information to their inboxes, you can slowly draw them in.

Promote Your Freelance Business: Client relationships

As a freelancer, it is imperative that you build strong relationships with your customers, both past and present. You may find that repeat business from one or two satisfied clients is your primary source of income. Keep former clients up to date on new developments and services.


The more people you know, the more likely you are to meet a potential client. Attend industry events, connect with people on social media and hand out business cards to ensure people remember you. Online networking has become very popular in recent times and is a great way to build relationships. 

Promote Your Freelance Business: Print Marketing

Printing and distributing flyers, posters and leaflets can be a brilliant way to get your brand out there. Many companies, such as Duplo International, allow you to print marketing materials sustainably and affordably.


Freelancers need to be always on the lookout for opportunities to promote their businesses. These are just a few of the marketing techniques you can use. There are many others that could be even more successful. 


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