My Perfect: Finding a Little Good in Each Day

Hands up if you’ve ever had a truly rubbish day…..

My Perfect

What if you’re unlucky and have had a series of rubbish days? These things start to bog you down. They make you tired, you feel low and it may become harder and harder to see the positives that are going on around you because you’re too busy wallowing or fighting through the negatives.

my perfectThis is where the My Perfect journal comes in. The brainchild of Ali Gill, this fun journal merges calming colouring (if you want to) with actively searching out a positive or a perfect in every day. I have this journal and have to say that once you’ve started using it, you subconsciously seek out something good in your day or even several somethings. It changes your outlook and encourages you to be more mindful of what is truly going on around you. 

Take last week for instance. I spent most of it in a mad panic as Christmas is fast approaching and I have a ridiculous amount of work to do. I have a bad foot and it ached with the cold pretty much all of the time, everyone seemed to be getting grumpy and a load of bills hit my doormat. All in all, a pretty crappy week. Or was it? T had a fabulous week at school, K was happy, I had a lovely breakfast catch-up with friends and one had fabulous news. I enjoyed a lovely half an hour with just me and my book and another fab morning with a super friend and her daughter. By focusing on the positives and recording them I was able to completely change the way my week went, and how I felt about it.

I’m now entering a ridiculously busy week. I finish for Christmas at midnight (and it will be midnight!) on Thursday. I have a ridiculous amount of work to do, still have some Christmas stuff to sort, it’s still cold and I have to fit a hair appointment in too. I’m already seeing the potential perfects for the week ahead. I know that when I finish piece of work x,y or z that I’m going to feel great. I’m excited about Christmas. My hair appointment might be time out of the working day but the salon I go to treats everyone as a VIP and rather than simply a haircut it’s an opportunity for some pampering.

My perfect

All of this from a journal? Yes, actually! There’s flexibility in how you use My Perfect, however, I would say try and do something daily as doing so helps you form a positive habit. I’m a complete stationery tart as many of you know and this journal just feels nice! I’m not a big one for colouring however even I’ve been tempted to doodle and colour a little. On days where I haven’t, that’s ok too. There are no rules, it’s all about creating a bank of perfects for you to reflect on in the present and to look back on in the future.

If you are looking for a gift for yourself or for anyone else the  My Perfect Journal is available via Amazon and is a wonderful treat, worth everything penny and many more asides.

*I was sent a review copy of this journal and fell in love with it. I’ve already mentioned it in my stationery gift guide but decided to do a bigger write-up, purely because I rate it so highly. Be assured that any reviews I do, I write up based on my experiences only, and nothing is written from a brand crib-sheet or similar.

Stationery Christmas Gift Guide for 2017

Christmas, stationery

There are so many gift guides out there at this time of year. Some of them are great however I always think that stationery items get a raw deal when it comes to these things and given that I firmly believe that stationery is what makes the world go around, I decided to redress the balance somewhat.

I’ve put together a small selection of stationery-related items for you to consider when you start your Christmas shopping this year (anyone who comments to say they’ve been organised enough to finish theirs already gets a black look as I’m no-where near).

This isn’t a paid feature. These are items I know well, have held in my hand and used or honestly, just really like the look or sound of! I’m all for sharing a little stationery love.


Hand turned Cocobolo Wood Twist-Action Pen from Nashwood Crafts

stationery, nashwood crafts

There’s something special about wood, something magical. I’ve always thought that it speaks to you as if it has a story to tell. Whether you’re looking to hear a story or indeed write one these gorgeous handcrafted Cocobolo wood twist-action pens would make a fabulous gift for someone special (or at just £15, you could treat yourself to one too). Available in a chrome or copper finish, these pens (which write beautifully by the way) are all unique, which is the wonder of choosing a handcrafted item made from a natural material.

Nashwood Crafts, a super-creative husband and wife operation, create a number of wonderful imaginative wooden pieces from bowls, to bespoke coffee tables and much more besides. If one of these fabulous pens doesn’t quite hit the mark, check out their website, and social media links below.


My Perfect Journal

stationery,my perfect journalThere are hundreds of journals out there, from blank ones to ones which guide you towards kindness, mindfulness and more. My Perfect Journal is, for the want of a better description, a way to stop and think about the good in your life, even when, quite frankly, you feel pretty crappy.
You’re encouraged to find a perfect in every day, it’s a simple as that. I started this journal (yes, I have one) yesterday. I have two perfects recorded…
1) Snuggling up with T and sharing silly giggly jokes.

2)Roy’s birthday, a rare day off together x

There are some days when I might struggle to find anything big to jot down but by stopping and thinking about it, it can help you put things into perspective. Over time it’ll also become a wonderful record of self-care moments and activities which you can go on to replicate.

There are other exercises in the book, which is undated by the way which is always useful, however for me the overall simplicity is key. There’s also plenty of scope for colouring in and making this journal your own.

If you know someone who would love such a gift you can find it on Amazon here.
Catch up with Ali, the creator of this fab journal, over on her Facebook page: Hidden Perfects

Ultimate Diary Planner 2018

If you have someone on your list to buy for who is self-employed, a freelancer or just someone who needs a stationery, ultimate diary plannerkick-ass planner to help keep things in check and boost productivity, this is the one. I’ve watched The Ultimate Diary Planner from afar for ages but for whatever reason never bought one. It was a chance “Meeting” on LinkedIn with this fabulous planner’s creator Sophie Jewry that had me take a proper look and of course having done that, I had to buy one (I chose the Marble design).

I’m a self-diagnosed planner tart. I go through a number of planners each year looking for the perfect one. I don’t actually think that there is any such thing as our lives, both home and work bend and change shape regularly and therefore so do our planning styles. To sum up what I loved best about this planner I’m going to direct you straight to the review I left for it on Amazon which you may read here.

If you’re serious about planning or the person you are buying this for is, it might be worth pointing them in the direction of the Facebook community group for planning enthusiasts that goes hand in hand with this product.

Wild Home Online: Ujumbe Sticky Notepads

Stationery, UjumbeYou need to ask yourself sometimes if you can claim to be a true stationery fan if you don’t have sticky notes in your collection. I mean really, they are perfect for quick removable notes, for making sticky note pictures, mini-origami (great for creative procrastination) and more. I stumbled across Wild Home Online over on Twitter and just love their Ujumbe Sticky Notepads.

Handmade in Kenya and sold via the Wild Home base in Dorset, UK, these wonderfully colourful hessian-covered sticky notepads feature unique beading on the front and really add something special to your home or office desk. Available in various colours, these make a great gift on their own or as part of a stationery bundle.

More than anything I just love what Wild Home is all about. Every item is made in Africa and provides an essential and fair income for the talented crafters, both men and women, that create by hand the wonderful items Wild Home sell. Using ethically sources, renewable and natural materials wherever possible, a gift like this is something special indeed.

See more from Wild Home Online:

Penguin Washi Tape from Penguin Patrol

Whether you’re a washi tape fan or not, you can’t deny that these little guys are cute! I spotted Penguin Patrolstationery, washi tape. peguins over on Twitter and having had a nosy I was thrilled to see that not only was this a site dedicated to penguin-related stationery items, but that when you buy something from the site you are supporting local artists and independent businesses.

For the penguin fan in your life there are a number of fab fun penguin stationery items on the site, as well as the Penguin Washi Tape and more besides, from plushies to prints and more.

Visit the online store to find out more about what Penguin Patrol offer and you should most definitely visit their Instagram account to find out what adventures Pici the Penguin has been getting up to (I love stuff like this).


Busy B Family Diary 2018

stationery, busybI have already reviewed this family diary in depth here, so feel free to read that. What I will say is that if you are buying for someone who has a busy life, juggling home, work, family and so on, that this really is one of the planners that does it all. Featuring a dual function double spread weekly layout there is plenty of room for family appointments, reminders and your own tasks and important dates.

The Busy B Family Diary 2018 also features handy monthly overviews, tear out lists and more. It’s well worth looking up, especially as it is as fabulous-looking and feeling as it is wonderfully practical.

Catch up with Busy B and see more wonderful products via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So there you have it, a handful of stationery-related gift ideas that may well be just what you’ve been looking for in terms finding something fun, function, quirky or just downright cute for your Christmas shopping.


*Disclosure: This is not a paid feature. I’ve picked out items I like, I want or I have. I do however have to tell you that I am a BusyB stationery brand ambassador. Featuring their 2018 family diary in this piece is not something I had to do, as I’ve already reviewed this item. It here because I rate it highly.
I also have to mention that Nashwood Crafts is run by my brother and sister-in-law. I love them but if I didn’t rate what they make, I wouldn’t include them so know they’re included in the list purely because they offer some truly gorgeous items.