My GoodReads 2016 Challenge


I have always been a very keen reader. From an early age, I would whizz through books, thirsty for my next read, my next experience, period in history, group of loveable (or easy to hate) characters. As an adult, I’ve continued making reading time a¬†priority because I feel it’s important and because I love it!

I set myself a challenge in January via GoodReads to read fifty books before the end of the year. Not only have I done it, I’ve done it with months to spare. Clearly I’ll have to up my challenge quota for next year!

For those who are interested, these are the titles I’ve read this year so far. What has been your favourite book in 2016 (so far)?

reading1 reading2 reading3 reading4

From Bingo to Pinning: This Mother’s Reward

The boys are back at school now after a wonderful summer off. Working from home I’ve had the opportunity to spend the whole summer with them. Working from home also means my day has been starting at 4am every morning in order to get my work done before they come down for breakfast around 9am.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been an amazing summer but I was tired! I took three days off last week after they’d gone back to school and now I’m making sure that I prioritise my “me” time on an evening. Us parents get worn down, especially when juggling children at home and working during the holidays. By ensuring I have me time set aside I reduce the crazy tiredness build-up and recover from silly o’clock starts a lot quicker.

Now autumn has landed (or will seeing as we have a freakishly out-of-season heatwave going on today!) my me time treats are, and will be focused mainly indoors.

Reading a Good Book

I’m a huge reader. Indeed I’m only three books off completing my GoodReads challenge of 50 books in 2016. At the moment I’m reading Women in Berlin by Anonymous, harrowing yet gripping at the same time. I love losing myself in a good book.


Me time often takes place on the sofa and that means Sky+ and Netflix. I’m nearly finished watching Gilmore Girls again ahead of the “new” GG in November and Chicago Fire and Victoria amongst others keep me going each week.


I love the social aspect of online Bingo and often play at GameVillage during the evening when I don’t fancy what’s on TV. I like the promotions, the mini games (and free games) as well as the chat function. Some chat groups are better than others but I’ve found a few I enjoy. For a lighthearted flutter it’s just the thing.


I have something of a Pinterest obsession. I can spend hours on my Pinterest boards, adding and searching, browsing and pinning. Whomever came up with the idea of Pinterest was a genius!

Of courseRoyand I enjoy leisure time together (we’re both sci-fi/fantasy fans which means we’re rarely far from a Star Trek episode but sometimes this Mum needs some vegging out as a¬†reward for making it through the day intact and for me, bingo, reading, Pinterest, TV and just flopping around on the sofa does the trick.

How do all of the rest of you mums and dads spend your wind-down time?