Pinterest: Just fun or destined for more?


Apparently Pinterest is the Next Big Social Media Thing. Maybe it is already but I’m not quite seeing it myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I use Pinterest (I’m here) and am suitably hooked but I use it for me. It appeals to me in so many ways, I can label things (I like boxes), I can search and collect pretty, useful, interesting things and store them for my own pleasure. I’m not sure what else there is?

I have 4 Boards.

Just Because – This is a board that contains anything that makes me chuckle, intrigues me or makes me think. It also contains anything that I want to pin but can’t think of a suitable board name for.

For the Home: Things I have, want, love for the home. This board is my main board and feeds my interior design obsession. Lots of pretty and striking things mixed up.

Make and Do: Started around Xmas this board has craft things for the kids and thing I’d like to make for the home. I probably won’t of course as I am rubbish at anything crafty myself, I’ll find somewhere that I can buy it from and add it to my For The Home board 🙂

Style Board. I have three pins in here. Clearly I am not very stylish, I’m more of a comfort girl. I might rename this board “Things I might buy and wear if I was skinny, rich and could be arsed”. I might even just delete it, because I can.

And that is it!

Perhaps I need a “Pinterest for Idiots” guide to see the bigger picture but you know what, for me, it’s just an enjoyable tool.

What do you use Pinterest for? Are you like me and just like to collect shiny things to browse and grin at, to find new blogs and sites that the pictures link back to and enjoy nosying at what other people find funny / pretty etc?

Do you use it, or do you plan to use it as a business or social networking tool?

What do you use yours for?

I need my own work space!

I work from home full time. I used to have a lovely shiny office upstairs but I traded it for a nursery for my youngest son (he’s worth it!). What this has left me with is a homeless laptop.

Currently I am using my husband’s desk in the living room. This is fine up to a point but there is no storage, and it’s not MINE! I spend hours on Pinterest browsing and repinning dream work spaces (no really – have a look!). The problem being there isn’t a suitable space for me to work. The only alcove left has a tv and the gubbins in it. Roy wants to get a wall mounted TV but I’m having a panic about the cost of that seeing as I would need (NEED) to have cables completely invisible.

What to do folks? For now I think I’m going to have to continue browsing and hope a knight in shining home organisation will knock on the door. In the meantime I want to hear or even better see your work space.  Post me a link to your space, tweet me a pic, invite me for tea so I can come and play in your work area!

Looking forward to seeing where you all work!

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