The Magic of Sleep


I love being a Mum. We consider ourselves very lucky to have two such fabulous young boys; we adore them, we cherish them, we love them but the second tea is over and it is bedtime those little angels are off up the wooden hill!

Thankfully both boys like their sleep because by the time evening has come around I’m ready to shut down, to relax, to spend time with Roy and generally just flop. We were fortunate that both boys sleep really well usually because if something disturbs them (like light nights for example!) I’m a dribbling wreck in the morning.

Clearly, I need to sort some kind of blackout solutions for sunny evenings and bright mornings because I am most definitely a girl that needs her beauty sleep! We did try some clever stick on blackout blinds once upon a time and while they were “ok” it was an old house and the windows got wet inside sometimes, and they got wet, then fell down…

We’ve winged it since then but to be honest I really need to get my bottom in gear and look for a permanent solution. Blinds appeal to me but to be honest I’ve always thought they look a bit dull in a child’s room and I’ve been wary from a safety aspect. Having done a little research I needn’t have worried are there’s a whole host of safety features built into blinds these days. That ticks that box so imagine my delight to find that the company VELUX actually have Disney themed blinds for children amongst other designs.

I like a child’s room to be full of colour (as long as said room isn’t flooded with colourful daylight interrupting my lazy evening or early morning sleep) so these are great. Taylor currently has a bright rainbow-stripe coloured duvet set, fun stickers all over his wardrobe, fun colourful toy boxes and more. To put a plain cream blackout blind in would have been a bit of a buzz-kill in my opinion.

We were very pleased to see that a lot of the blinds are also remote controllable (no tugging, twisting and yanking from him or us and we decide when it’s time for sunlight to come in) which is another bonus feature.

Our one snag (or so I thought) was that our bedroom windows in this wonderful character-filled house are all sash windows with original bottle glass. We did have a company come and quote us to have blinds fitted a few years ago and they weren’t sure how to manage that the way the windows are. Thankfully  VELUX blackout blind installers aren’t fazed by this (and indeed have blinds perfectly designed for just this type of window) so it looks like we have some pattern choosing to do!

Have you had blackout blinds installed in your child’s room? How did you find the process and was it worth it? Sleep is so important (ours as well as theirs) so we are seriously considering doing both children’s rooms and possibly ours too!

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