Be The Boss That Employees Love

Be The Boss That Employees Love

If you are expanding your business, the chances are that you will be hiring staff, possibly for the first time. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of being an absent boss and one that sees profits rather than people. If you want to build a cohesive team that will drive your business forward, you need to be the boss that your employees love. If you are eager to create a productive atmosphere, the buck lies with you and you need to set an excellent example. Take a look at how you can be a boss that everyone loves to work for.

Be The Boss That Employees Love: Communication

There’s nothing worse for an employee than having a boss that remains locked behind their office door, never to be seen among their staff. Being elusive means negative stories and opinions will form about you. Instead, get out and about and meet your team. Have a staff briefing every Monday to set the targets for the week and to motivate your staff. Allow them to voice their concerns, offer up their opinions and listen to them. They will respect you for this. Make sure that you send out an email every Friday namechecking those staff members who have gone above and beyond. This little bit of positive praise shows that you recognise their achievements and that you are willing to share successes.

Invest In Your Team

If you want to be one of the best bosses out there, you need to put your money where your mouth is and invest in your team. Consider implementing something like the EAP from LifeWorks, a scheme that aims to help your staff members if they are facing personal problems. They may be struggling with stress or anxiety. By giving them access to a counsellor, you can play your part in looking after their well being. Each member of staff is a person, not a number, so treat them well.

You could also invest in their professional development. This can be scary as you might worry that providing them with training, funding their qualifications, and helping them to grow as a professional may result in them leaving your company. This is always a risk, but by investing in their development, you are showing a commitment to their skills and talents. This alone demonstrates your exceptional nature as a boss.

Be The Boss That Employees Love: Surroundings

If your office space is looking a little shabby, there are some stains on the carpet and the hardware hasn’t been changed for years, it’s time to step up and make your working environment more inspiring. Make your employees excited to get to work in the morning by painting the walls white, whipping up some local artwork, adding touches of greenery, purchasing some decent laptops and having an open plan environment conducive to teamwork and productive thinking. Your employees will be more like to stick with you rather than look for work elsewhere.

If you are eager to maintain a cohesive team, ensure that you implement these three steps and be the best boss that you can be.

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