Getting the Heavies In

As most of you will know I work from home full-time (hours often starting at 4am during the week so that I may get the work in and not cut back on any time with the kids). I have childcare for the youngest for three days a week and Kieran is at school. Holidays are taken care of by the same childminder for Taylor and a local fabulous playscheme for Kieran.

I have a good balance of childcare, working hours and home time with the kids which I love though unfortunately it doesn’t leave a huge amount of time for washing, cleaning, shopping, banking, school activities and everything else that us parents have to fit in. I manage to keep on top of the washing (mostly), and the other housework in truth however never seem to get the time to do “The Big Kitchen Clean” or “The Big Bathroom Clean” and I honestly can’t remember the last time I dusted (in fact Roy dusted last time).

Due to this chronic lack of extra time I am considering calling in the heavies and doing a ring around of local Cleaning Companies. I’ve not quite made the leap yet although it would make perfect sense to do it, leaving me a little extra time and reducing the stress levels! What I’d be looking for is someone to come in once a week, do me what looks like a commercial clean through the high traffic areas and some light dusting etc. I’ve never had anyone “in” as yet so aren’t sure whether it would work but I guess you don’t know if you try.

There is a little guilt attached to the idea of getting someone in, after all why can’t I balance 50hrs work a week, kids, school outings, meals, shopping and everything else? The problem is while I can balance it all it means very little time is left for me to spend just being me. I rather think I’d like to have some proper leisure time with Roy and even *gasp* maybe a social life.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I have a slight guilty hang-up about the idea of having someone coming in and cleaning because I used to pay for Garden Maintenance once upon a time (I had an 80ft long garden which hadn’t been maintained for years before we moved in).

My question for you today is: Do you use a cleaner? Would you? And do you spend so much time cleaning up before the cleaner comes that you’ll feel it wasn’t worth it? I’d love to hear other people’s perspective on this as it might help me make up my mind.


*This post was written in collaboration with the mentioned business however is true to my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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  1. I am in a similar situation working from home, I feel a cleaner once a week to do the big jobs would take a lot of pressure off. There is something holding me back though, how would I feel about someone else in my house ? Would I have to tidy up first ?

    Still not sure !

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