There are some things you just don’t skimp on.

  1. Coffee (have you ever tried the 49p jar of supermarket own coffee? I did once. Never again)
  2. Toilet Tissue (It’s 2017, no-one should be using that shiny paper or breathe and it dissolves stuff).
  3. Rubber Gloves.

We know what it means to have to tighten your belt, between the hit to our income when I gave up my pretty well-paid career after having Kieran to go self-employed and then again when Roy was made redundant. You’d be surprised what you can do without and how creative you can be. One thing I presumed I would have to skimp on was my favourite cleaning-related products, namely my Marigolds. 

Take it from someone who isn’t a great fan of doing dishes or housework, often chuntering under her breath as she does both, having a decent brand such as Marigold under your sink or draped over your taps makes all the difference. Given that the quality between the cheapest cleaning ranges and the Marigolds are miles apart and yet the prices significantly less so, they are (thankfully) a hard-working luxury you can afford.

Brands come and brands go and so it’s a testament to how much our beloved and well-known Marigolds are, given that this year is their 70th anniversary. Better still, Marigold, best known for their rubber gloves, also sell a number of other cleaning must-haves.  

It says something about the stage I’ve reached in my life when I was tickled pink to receive this PR package from the lovelies at Marigold to try some of the other items in the range (already being a washing up glove fan). 

I love the fact that this brand has been going so long and will continue to be a loyal supporter. You can find out more about their 70-year history and their current ranges here or join in the chatter over on Facebook. I can recommend all of these cleaning tools, with my gloves being a firm favourite as always (they don’t roll down and so you don’t end up with water in your gloves, which defeats the object and is no good for people who, like me, suffer from dry skin easily).

Overall I have to give Marigold a 5/5* rating, for the quality of their housework must-haves, their long-time commitment to the cleaning cause and the fact that they are really good value for money.

**I was sent these products for free. Marigold have had no input into my write-up and all opinions are my own.

Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Review

There’s something magical about a squeaky clean home. You feel more relaxed, more comfortable and just right in yourself. Now trust me when I say that squeaky clean is not easily maintained when you have a husband and two sons (the two sons especially!) as so every little bit of help I can get is fine by me.

When Vileda asked me to test and review their new Vileda Easy Wrong and Clean Turbo mop and bucket set I jumped at the chance. Yes, I know, who gets excited about a mop and bucket? Thankfully I can save myself blushes as this is much more than just a mop and bucket.

To explain further up until my new mop system (because it feels like a special mop system rather than a bog-standard mop) I was using a two mop set-up. I mopped downstairs (kitchen and hall) with one mop and the bathroom with another. I know that in theory dunking the mop heads in bleach and what not should reduce / avoid cross contamination between kitchen and bathroom but you know what, I just don’t like to spread the mop love so far.

The Vileda Easy Wring  &  Clean Turbo has a removable mop head that after use may then be machine washed at sixty degrees. To say that this makes me really happy would be a huge understatement. No damp mops sat around, steeped in disinfectant, waiting for its next use or until I deem it ready for replacement. It’s mop, wash, replace and go in my house!

I realise that this might not sound overly exciting to some but for someone who doesn’t like to store or carrying around multiple mops it’s a winner (and it looks shiny and nice in utility room). I’m easily pleased!

So, to sum up:

  • The “bucket” features an easy-to-pour mouth so no splashes / mess.
  • The handle is horizontal, again making spillage less likely and the mop easier to carry (plus it has a built-in handle holder).
  • The mop is triangular shaped which makes getting into stubborn corners easier.
  • The mop head is machine washable.
  • AND… you decide how damp the mop is simply by altering the pressure on the squeeze pedal (my not-so technical name for it).
  • It’s perfect for laminate flooring, wood and tiles (and the stone in my kitchen).

I was already a firm fan of Vileda’s product (see a previous review here), and having tried out the Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo I’m happy to give it a solid 5/5 rating for ease of use, design and for getting the job done!


*I was sent this product to test and keen in order to write an informed review. Vileda have no input into review content and all thoughts are my own, based on my own experience of the product.

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