Dear Week

Oh what a funny old week it has been!

Dear Taylor
We turned our back for two minutes and you found a black crayon despite all such things being in the pantry out of reach and then created this beautiful piece of art work…..


Incidentally – when asked “Look Taylor – who did that?!!” your answer of “It was the crayon – naughty crayon” wasn’t quite what we were looking for.
Love Mummy and Daddy x

Dear Mum
You are right – Fairy liquid is just brilliant.

I fear this art project may keep them in business though as we have a few more cleaning sessions on this one!
Love her who wonders how you raised six children without having a trashed house?! x

Dear Little Sister
“At least he kept within the lines…… of the carpet lol” is not an appropriate text message to send after being shown a photo of said carpet art (but did make me chuckle).
Love her who can’t WAIT until her niece or nephew arrives and hits toddlerdom hahahaha!

Dear Cafe Owning Woman
I may have blushed a bit and made a off-hand joke about it but you saying that you see me and the boys on the way to school everyday and I’m the only Mum you notice giving them a hug and chatting as we walk was such a lovely thing to say.
That made my day.
Love her who loves compliments in front of a cafe full of customers x

Dear Wisdom Tooth
It is not big or clever to grow sidewards all of a sudden causing agonising pain, infection and making me talk funny.
Pull this crap again and the nice dentist will rip you out.
Be warned!

Dear Stranger
When offered a magazine or book that someone has finished with don’t immediately assume you need to pay for it or that the giver wants something. I found this very sad on my recent train journey. Try and believe in random acts of kindness, they do still exist!
Love her who had to practically beg people to take books and things from her.

Dear Boys
Keep loving each other – you are so cute when you are like this.
kissLove Mummy x

Dear Readers
Do you remember me writing Dear So and So in the past? Well, Dear So and So is the brain child of the very clever, witty and wonderful blogger Kat from Three Bedroom Bungalow. Hopefully she’ll restart it again soon but in the mean have a read of her blog anyway – it is brilliant x

PS – Dear Carpet Companies – anyone want to replace a carpet in exchange for my undying love and devotion? No? Damn 🙁


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  1. We’ve just been painted – all the “artwork” on the wall has gone. DD, aged 4 1/2, has been warned about writing on the walls (even touching the walls actually). I was going to wait until she turned 6 but the bathroom needed doing so I had the painting done as well. I think, hope, pray, that 4 1/2 is old enough to be trusted on this….

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