Three Thousand Business Cards

When I first set up in business years ago (back in the days where I sold books for a living) I found myself bombarded with all of the “must have” business tools the internet, my phone, my email box and even local businesses could offer. Of course being 1) a new business and 2) someone who adores all things stationery related, I went a bit mad. Before I knew it I had thousands of bog standard business cards from *that* free business card company, a T-Shirt with my logo, fliers, posters, pens (these were very cute!), bags and all sorts. A couple of years later when I had a real tidy up of the office prior to increasing my copy-writing work and concentrating on it full time I still had three thousand business cards, and a rather weird looking faded t-shirt.

In retrospect I got caught up with the novelty of being in business and being offered all these lovely things at a bargain price. These “tools” were filing cabinet fillers and little more. Nowadays I take a different (cheaper) approach to business marketing tools.

Instead of wasting time and money on, quite frankly cheap and nasty stamps, notepaper and other so-called business “tools” I instead decide what I actually need and what I am willing to pay for. My business has changed so naturally the way that I market it has changed too. The vast majority of my advertising / marketing is done online however for postal invoices, correspondence and the like I use professional stickers (it just looks better in my opinion).

One company that comes very highly recommended (and looking at their Facebook page is used or liked by quite a few of my business contacts and friends) and offers a white range of printed stickers is
The site offers a range of stickers, as well as other items and unlike many similar companies has a relatively small minimum order value. This is great news for new start ups who are just realising what they really need marketing tool-wise or who simply don’t have the budget required for larger orders.

When it comes to choosing business tools it is wise to devise an initial plan regarding who you want to reach with your marketing materials and which methods are likely to be most effective. Business cards for me are little use as I don’t attend networking events and quite frankly haven’t found a use for them elsewhere. A banner wouldn’t do me any favours as I don’t sell my services at events or represent myself at trade shows however stickers and other smaller items such as these are great for sending out with all my mail, not just my work email. I once scored a client who spotted my information on the Ebay parcel I sent her after she emailed me for more information.

I’m curious though. What do you consider your “must have” marketing or business tool? Like me do you have a thing for stationery-type items? Do you have your car wrapped with your business details or do you prefer online or digital tools only to get your name out there? I’d love to hear what you consider your favourite or most effective business marketing tool is?

*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet true to my thoughts, feelings and experiences

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