Bath time: Munchkin bath toys

Bath time in the Cawood house is all about fun (and of course getting clean!). We  were offered a range of toys from the Munckin range to try out, and the boys loved them!

 These Munchkin bath dunkers provided much fun and lots of laughter. Easily attached to tiles with suction cups you basically have bath basketball. The kids found this great fun and I was impressed with the ability to close the net afterwards via drawstring so that I could store the balls which come in the form of very cute coloured creatures.

Next up were these glowing Disco Lights Bath Tub Toys. These cute shapes that come in assorted designs literally light up and kept both boys occupied, searching under the bubbles for them. Again suction cups meant they could be attached to the side of the bath. I store ours in the bath dunker hoop.

The Munchkin Alphabet shapes were another big hit. The 17m old loved the colours, shapes and textures and spent ages handling them, and the eldest (5yr old), well as you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed sticking them to the tiles and spelling out words.

Last but not least we have the Munchkin Heat Sensing Bath Grippy Dots. The name says it all really, they change colour to alert the parent if the water is too hot and provide a valuable and attractive safety feature to reduce the risk of slipping in the bath.

In truth I hadn’t heard of the Munchkin range before it was sent out to me and further investigation on Kiddicare, one of my favourite sites for all things kid-related shows not just these items but a huge range of fun and useful products that can make family life easier.

Overall, the kids and the parents give this range a 9/10.

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