Dear So and So

Dear All

Please be aware that a freelancer is someone who usually doesn’t have a set wage. I don’t get paid a salary on the first of the month, I rely on you to pay your invoices promptly. As much as I’d like to say different, I have bills to pay too.

Thanks for listening.

Her tapping her foot and refreshing her bank balance.


Dear Facebook

I don’t have anything crabby to say. This will never do! Please do something rubbish so I can have a good moan. Thanks!

Me x


Dear Sunshine

Piss off! I know everyone else is really pleased to see you but I am not. I am an autumn winter gal. I have bought boots now, I have jumpers. I am even eyeing up scarves. It is nearly October for goodness sake. Get a grip and give me my comfy cold weather back thanks.

Her who likes the cold and does not like being able to see that she is behind with her dusting


Dear Kat

Thank you for Dear So and So. It is fantastically therapeutic isn’t it!

In short, you rock!

Ta lovely,

Me x


Dear Children

We are going to play a funny new game this weekend.

Are you ready?

Whenever you want Mummy, say Daddy instead.

Bet you clever boys can remember to do that all weekend can’t you?

Good boys!

Love you,

Mummy x

Dear So and So...

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  1. What is wrong with the world if people can’t even complain about Facebook? ^^ And calm down: winter will be here early enough and probably last till May next year ^^

  2. Oh but can’t we hold on just a teeeny bit longer to summer? I know it’s weird, and I’m confused about clothing too, but I will be in my boots and my duvet coat for a looooooong time!

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