An Innocent lunch and a recipe

When the lovely team from Innocent asked if I’d like to join their panel, and receive some goodies for Kieran, I could hardly refuse. You see Kieran has been a big fan of Innocent products from an early age, before he could properly say Innocent even…

Mummy can I have another Guinness Smoothie when we get home?


Anyhow, a lovely chilled delivery arrived packed with his favourites, the juices, the smoothies and the yogurt sticks (that’s what we call them anyway?!) and a new lunch box, with lovely stickers and shapes to decorate it with. Excited wasn’t the word! (Kieran was pretty chuffed too). Smoothie in one hand and stickers in the other he decorated his new box which he carries proudly to school (it’s a big boy box!).

Lunch as chosen by Kieran

What gets eaten for lunch in my house varies. Kieran chooses his own lunch with guidance which I believe is important, promotes independence and can be fun!

Here we have:

  • No-pastry veg quiche (which he loves! Recipe below)
  • Tomatoes – we are going through an experimenting stage at the moment and tomatoes are a must!
  • Grapes-These usually get popped in frozen, it keeps them lovely, fresh and cool.
  • Fruit buttons – Sometimes these are raisins or another dried fruit but this is what Kieran chose on this day.
  • Juice (usually a smoothie but we ran out before this lunchtime, so back to Tesco to stock up!)
  • And fresh from the freezer, a smoothie/yogurt tube. I freeze these which keeps them cool and defrosts slowly ready for being eaten, still cold at lunch. No spoon (which always gets lost) required!
What goes in depends entirely on his mood, I don’t interfere unless I really need to but he is pretty sensible and even at 5yrs understands about healthy food. We don’t have “Good” or “Bad” foods because I believe everything in moderation is just fine.
Other things that Kieran has enjoyed recently have included pasta salads or many varieties (great for left overs!), marbled hard-boiled egg, filled pitta breads, 101 different types of fruit and veg, quiches, chopped cheese (we explore the deli for different types to try) and cold meats.
We love Innocent, great taste, convenient, and I am reassured that Kieran is eating/drinking wholesome, no rubbish included foods/drinks and that his minimum of 5-a-day easily achieved.
No pastry quiche.
Basic ingredients
3 Eggs
Chopped onion,
Grated cheese.
Additional ingredients (you can add basically anything!)
Grated carrot, courgette, mushroom, sweetcorn,
Cooked meats, tuna
Beat your eggs and add to the chopped onion, grated cheese and any other ingredients you fancy. (carrot & courgette is our favourite at the moment). Mix and put into a small quiche dish. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees until firm.
And that’s it.
*Top tip. The quiche slices better if left to cool and then chilled overnight. If you prefer a firmer quiche, after the oven, prick the quiche and give it an extra 6-7 minutes in the microwave.
Thank you Innocent! Don’t forget you can catch up with Innocent on Twitter and keep up with all the latest news and offers.

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