Dear So and So – 2/9/11

Dear So and So...
Dear Nicki

Well done. You have finally pulled your head out of the dark place it’s been residing in and realised that something has to give. You can’t be everything and do everything and still expect to retain your marbles. I’m glad you’ve realised that you need to have a reshuffle of priorities and actually remember to include yourself in there. Work is going fantastic (go you!) and that’s brilliant, the kids and thriving (pat, pat), and you have reclaimed your weekends (very good move). All is looking good and you’ve become much less twitchy. A definite improvement!

It’s amazing how much better you can feel when you cut loose some of the crap isn’t it!

Keep it up girl,

Love The Much Less Pissy version of yourself.


Dear Jay

For the above and the arse kicking – thank you.

You rock woman!

Nicki x


Dear Kieran

I have absolutely loved having you at home this summer, it has been fantastic. I’ll miss you like crazy when you go back but you need to go and you love it so I’ll be brave.

Just make sure you save a huge hug for when I picked you up after school Monday afternoon, I’ll be ready for it!

Love you,

Mummy x


Dear Taylor

FOUR teeth? Bloody hell boy, slow down with the growing up will you?! You are nine months old now and that really has moved a bit too quickly.

Love you loads but seriously, please try and stay a baby a little longer,

Mummy-in-denial x


Dear Twitter

I’ve duplicated myself, sort of. My @nickicawood account is HUGE and full of lovely people. Being something of a social media tart I have spent quite a lot of time with you over the last few years. That account is staying firmly where it is. Unfortunately, sometimes my worky-stuff on Twitter can get a bit lost so I’ve opened a new account @ncawood purely for freelance writing / blogging and what not. Feel free to send people interested in this side over won’t you.



Dear New School Shoes.

Don’t let yourself be scuffed beyong recognistion before Christmas. There is no reason why you shouldn’t last at least that long, so sort it – ok?

Her who is Mum to a Boy


Dear Birthday

Bloody hell, don’t sneak up on me! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for the 18th time.

Love ,Her who is clearly crap at maths / in denial / taking the piss somewhat

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  1. I puffy heart you with snogs and tongues and groping and boobie bumping.

    And yes, cutting the crap can do WONDERS for the system. ;D


  2. Hello! Lovely to read your Dear So and So, I love the turnaround for yourself, it’s so easy to lose sight of that with everyone else to take care of. Corinne (By the way, if the school shoes listen let me know)

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