The terror that is teething and Boots!

Yes, it’s that time again… teething.

It seems ridiculous that my newborn has evolved into a furniture munching, crawling, weaned little man who is teething! Unfortunately, much like his brother, Taylor has had a rough time with it. He has cut three teeth in a week, and cut them hard but the actually teething process started about six weeks ago. I recognised the signs immediately – red cheeks, lots of dribble, unwillingness to open his mouth unless he had something to shove in there which nine times out of ten was spat out again as it didn’t stop the hurting.

I don’t give the boys Calpol or similar unless they really need it, i.e. are ill and have a temperature that needs the paracetamol to bring it down. I save that for when they really need it so that it does the job when I do give it. Teetjing pain can’t be ignored though and I’ve always used teething gel and powders to ease the way.

When the lovelies at Boots sent me this little care package for Taylor recently I was over the moon. I was already stocked with powders and gel, being the best for Kieran when he went through it, but the more the merrier and these two teethers, the Baby Fun Rattle Teether and Boots Baby Fruit Shaped Teether, are brilliant! Easy to grip and flexible with nodules for easy chewing and pain relief. Both can be chilled in the fridge for extra relief.

The teething gel is fast acting and seems to take the edge off. It contains a antiseptic and anaesthetic which combined is perfect for dulling the pain.

The Boots Teething Powders…. excellent. Taylor loves these and will happily open wide for me to tip them into his mouth. They quickly dissolve and the slight grittiness is an added benefit. These are a homeopathic remedy that is widely used. Both of my boys have befitted greatly from them and I continue to use them.

Teething can be rough, an out of sorts baby who is uncomfortable, sometimes has a runny bum (thank gawd for Zinc & Caster Oil cream – great barrier!), tears and broken sleep. There are ways to help and Boots have always been my first port of call and I believe were the first for my Mum for myself and my five siblings. That says something doesn’t it!?

You can find more information on teething products and more on the Boots website or  in your local store.

**Check with your pharmacist before using any medicine or remedy and always read the instructions.

*** Boots kindly send us some products to try and review if we wished. The fact that I already used some of them says it all really but I must point out that these opinions are my own and based on my experiences and are in no way influenced by Boots.

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  1. Teething, argh! I rate anbesol liquid the best, also available in Boots. Hope the teeth are all through soon! xx

  2. Teething grains are just the best thing ever invented, much safer than calgel as I always got bitten for my efforts. Another thing I used for my second one was an amber necklace, which worked a treat!!

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