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17 comments / Tramadol Online Prescription

  1. I can’t help being envious. I’m hoping for a sleeper this time as No 1 son just isn’t. I think it’s a little of both as we do routines in a similar way, blackout blinds, swaddled but still my day started at 4:45 today.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that with kids you have to work with what you’ve got. The basics are there, we just get to bring out the best & try to minimise the worst.

    1. Don’t be envious- I have every confidence that the fact my two so far have been angels means they will be very much Kevin & Perry when the tender teenage years kick in πŸ™‚
      I agree with what you say completely… the basics are there (ie my two are naturally good sleepers) and I am nurturing (and encouraging) this using routines etc that work for them & us. It’s all you can do, but the whole “fluke” and insinuation that I couldn’t possibly be doing something right used to perplex me!
      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  2. Sorry to say, I think it was a fluke.

    We congratulated ourselves on being wonderful patents when our daughter slept through the night from 14 weeks.

    Our smugness wore off when our son arrived and was still waking at least once a night when he was almost two years old.

    I think that your tips are great, and are similar to our methods but believe that one either has a good sleeper or not, and this is down to the child’s temperament.

    Our daughter is now nine years old and even now seldom wakes in the night while her two years younger brother regularly does. Last night he came into our room twice.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, smug is something I’m not! Sleeping, we are doing grand with, I have had one broken night with Taylor since 7weeks, he is now 6m (6m today in fact – so soon!), we walked toilet training with Kieran, weaning went off without a hitch with K, and so far so good with Taylor. So far, so good…!
      That said, like I commented to MummyLimited, they might very well turn out to be little sods come teenage time. In fact, I’m pretty convinced they will be πŸ™‚ I have to believe we have some input parenting-wise, otherwise the parenting book empire would crumble lol! We are here to guide and nurture, working with what is already there. My babes already have the inclination to love their sleep, I’m just fostering that. I just don’t think that’s flukey, I think it’s doing the best with what you have.

  3. I’m not sure to be honest.

    J slept through from 6 weeks and S from 9 weeks. Mine had routine, blackout and were in their own from early on. They never had daytime naps in their rooms either. Naps were treated differently to nighttime.

    Then S developed silent reflux at around 20 weeks and used to wake regularly for hours. This didn’t stop until he was 2. That’s a whole different issue though.

  4. I only have the one to go by but G slept through the night from the get go, in hospital, surrounded by the noise and hustle and bustle of other waking babies.

    Obviously a huge talking point with the other new mums in my ward, i thought it would change when we got home, but it didnt.

    For me at the time i just believed it was a fluke, but who was i too complain i was and still am a full time working mum so not being woken 2 or 3 times a night was a godsend.

    G is now 7 and has never woken during the night unless ill. Yes i had a routine i pretty much stuck to, but even if i didnt she still slept right through.

    Fluke or not, i count myself very lucky that my child loves her sleep LOL

      1. I see on an answer below you also pose the question of natural sleepers being generic, i am told by my mum i was “a good baby” meaning i slept right through from birth πŸ™‚ so maybe this is a factor.

        Then my mum also goes on to say that i spoilt her, as my younger brother was an absolute nightmare sleeper that she just wasnt prepared for when it happened.

        So call it a fluke or not, i think certain babies are just predisposed to sleeping well, and we the parents of these babies should thank our lucky stars πŸ™‚

        I like you, certainly empathize with not berate any parent who suffers from months of sleepless nights, being a parent is hard enough in the first few months, and i cant imagine how much harder with little or no sleep added into the mix. Hats off to you all xxx

  5. My two have both been good sleepers, going through the night from a young age (although with both of them we did a “dream feed” before we went to bed at night, which we dropped when they were about 5 months).

    We did a lot of what you did – strong routine, own room, and although I swaddled my daughter I never thought she got on with it very well, so my son was unsleeping bags from day 1. We also made sure there was a very clear distinction between day and night – if they did wake in he night we kept the lights to a minimum, kept them in their room, and put them back to bed as quickly as possible.

    The one thing I believe makes the biggest difference to whether kids are good sleepers is teaching them the ability to “self settle”. This means putting them in the cot when they’re still awake, and leaving them to go to sleep on their own. It also means not racing in to them the minute they cry during the night. Even now the geekson will sometimes moan a bit if he stirs during the night, but it in a minute or so he’s back asleep again.

  6. Ooooh.

    It’s a good job I know and like you, or I would accuse of very definitely being smug despite your protestations otherwise.

    Much as you dislike being called flukey if your children sleep, do you not think it is worse to (by implication) suggest that mothers of babies that don’t sleep are bad, or at least not as good as you?

    Mine slept brilliantly as soon as they were in their own rooms, as 6-7 months. Small boy in particular had terrible colic and didn’t stop screaming for 3 months, let alone sleep. I could not put my children in another room from birth as there is a lot of cot death in my family and I was too afraid.


    1. Bugger, actually the last thing I wanted to come across as was smug, but obviously failed πŸ™
      I absolutely do not think parents whose kids don’t sleep are bad or not as good as me (!). I think each to their own, I was genuinely interested in what people though, firstly around the nature vs nurture (a huge topic but basically, will they sleep if they want to, will they not if that isn’t their disposition, regardless of what we do as parents) and secondly, has anyone else found, like me, that they’ve had all sorts of things thrown at them BECAUSE their kids sleep well. From the inference that I bottle-fed purely because I wanted a good night’s sleep to one person joking (I hope) about whether I gave Kieran something to “aid” his sleep.

      Sam, having a history of cot-death in the family must be horrific πŸ™ That is something I can’t even imagine.
      I’ve actually added an addition to the post because your comment has struck a chord x

  7. Like you N, I have two good sleepers that everyone puts down to being a fluke. I put it down to the fact that i actually thought about a routine that was in sync with their natural selves. Both of mine were BF but were never put to bed at what I consider to be an early bed time (5, 6, 7pm) and have slept for at least 10 hours a night. I like my sleep but even I couldn’t sleep for the 13 hours that people assume children will from shortly after birth.

    When friends wail that they have been up several times during the night I always discover that said infant was put to bed at 6pm and the parents expected the child to sleep through to 7am!
    I know that on those rare nights of broken sleep, I can’t function the next day.

  8. With Tops we did everything wrong and (let her go to bed when already asleep and breastfeed until she was asleep and other) we tried to do different with BB but it didn’t quite work out that way! Luckily we have managed to teach them now to be better sleepers, but I think that you have some great tips there… I just need to remember them next time I have a baby!

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