Dear Taylor – Six Months On

Dear Taylor

Yesterday you turned six months old. Wow! I’m finding it bit hard to think you’ve been here for a half year, it seems ridiculous, but then I can’t remember you NOT being here really!

The past six months have been just brilliant. You’ve grown from this 7lb 10oz dot of a thing to a big grown up boy who is so aware of what is going around him, especially when it’s food time! You’ve taken to weaning very much like your brother did… with gusto! You’ve eaten everything I’ve put in front of you, smacked your lips and looked for more… another good feeder hopefully!


I can see already that you and your brother are going to be the best of friends, although I think you’ll be quite mischievous and wind him up at times. Hmm, you and I are quite alike aren’t we! You have a big love of music and sit amazed when Daddy plays the guitar, that is lovely to see, as is the look of your face when Daddy comes home from work. Your face literally lights up. Such a happy child!

I thought you’d be a small baby for longer, but you know what, I’m loving watching you develop and become the fun boy I know you will be. Just give Mummy a little break though and try and not grow TOO fast.

Love you son,

Mummy x


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  1. Aw, what a gorgeous post Nicki! I remember that last picture being one of your Silent Sunday pics a while back and I tweeted it as I loved it so much 🙂 It’s beautiful x

    1. Thank you x
      I blog for many reasons, but the best bit is being able to save and share moments about the boys, and how I feel about them. That picture is my absolute favourite of the two of us. So looks so yummy!

  2. Aww what lovely post. I bet your little man will feel very lucky when he reads this one day. Such a great way of keeping memories alive x

    1. Thank you! I hope one day the boys won’t be “too cool” (or too Kevin & Perry-like!) to want to read back anything I’ve written for them 🙂

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