Shattered and needing your help!

Double Mattress
I could quite happily jump in!

Sleep. Something taken so much for granted, certainly by me! I remember (with some embarrassment now) proclaiming how utterly exhausted I was after a late night after being out on the tiles, or after being up too late on Ebay.

Now I have children. I know what tired is!

Luckily (please don’t throw anything at me!), both my boys slept through quite early, Kieran who is now 4.5yrs sleep through from 3.5weeks and Taylor, who is now 4.5months slept through from 7 weeks. I rarely have interrupted nights as such but I don’t often feel like I have slept well if that makes sense? For the past 6 years or so I have woken up pretty much bang on 5am, regardless of the season, what time I went to bed etc so the time I do spend in bed, needs to be quality time.

I am currently dipping my toes into some amateur interior design, and the last room on the list is our bedroom. I’m fast coming round to thinking it should be much further up! You see our room, is less boudoir, more storage room. We’ve been in this house for over 3 years and I am ashamed to say haven’t got a decent lightshade up yet! The cheap, knock together bed we bought as a “just for now” thing, is still here (and is still hideous) so a new double bed is also a must.

So – Mums, Dads, Interior design gurus…. do you have any tips on how I can maximise (on a budget) the storage in a very small room, and make my room somewhere I can relax and properly switch off? I’m looking for colour advice, materials, style, lighting, anything that will promote a good night’s sleep for this busy, and quite frankly shattered Mum! First on the list might have to be a new double mattress!


I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas! I will now pop and get another bucket of coffee and continue ploughing on! Thanks all!

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  1. How lucky are you with your children ! but I so know what you mean about feeling as if you don’t actually feel refreshed even after sleeping straight through. I have much more sleep now than I ever did when the twins were babies, but I wake every night and often lie awake for what sems like hours tossing and turning. Like you it has taken us many years to change our bedroom from a storage space piled high with stuff to the nice calm space it is now.
    My advice, buy the best mattress and pillows you can afford, since changing ours my aches and pains have improved dramatically. Also good quality curtains that block out light, using a blackout curtain if necessary. I could go on and on …..
    good luck with it and look forward to seeing the end result xx

    1. Thank you dear. I think the mattress and pillow especially are musts, after that… I’m looking for an aura of calmness. Can I come to you house for it Karen?

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