Guest Post: Kate's Story #2 – Onwards & Upwards

The first part of Kate’s story including her battle with a medical condition called Acromegaly can be found here. Read on to see where Kate’s journey led her to next.

I have always believed in a spiritual world which exists around and above ours so I asked the angels to guide me and put me on the right path, I needed to discover the job I was born to do. It wasn’t school teaching, teaching made me stressed and ill, it wasn’t childminding because it drove me crazy and was too tiring for my still recovering body, and it wasn’t selling children’s books because I had no passion for it anymore, and it was hard enough to be successful if you were passionate! Within 6weeks of my son being born I had enrolled on a distance learning course in “Spiritual care”. I didn’t want to become a counsellor or get any job at the end of it, I just wanted to learn for fun again and switch on my head. As I studied I learned about many techniques and schools of thought, some of which I was familiar with and others were completely new.

When I was about a month into my course I received a phone call from my parents saying my Gran had attempted suicide. I was shaken to my very core. My Gran has always been my best friend and at 88years old what could possibly be so bad that she wanted to do this? On talking to her it turned out she had convinced herself she was starting with Alzheimer’s and didn’t want to be a burden to my Mum, who was due to retire that Summer after 25years teaching High School. It was a significant year for the women in our family that year as my sister was also getting married and I made it my little project to try and help them, using of course my new “Spiritual care” skills. So I booked for us all to go for a Reiki treatment. I knew nothing about this ancient healing art but from what I had read it helped physical and emotional issues and could benefit all of us. (Reiki works by channelling energy from the world around us through the healer and into the recipient, this gives the patient’s body a top up and enables their body to heal itself and work out any issues; physical, emotional or spiritual, which have been causing problems). I went first: “So why have you come?” asked the healer, “Well, to be honest I haven’t come for me, I’ve come for them out there”. “We’ll see!” she replied and sure enough she was right. I was fascinated by the whole process. At one point she had her hands at least 1ft away from my abdomen and I could feel a washing machine turning in my tummy! I was hooked! Before I left the session she told me that I had pink light in my hands and I too would be a healer, I came home and tried putting my hands on my Dad’s stomach (he has an ulcer) and sure enough it eased his discomfort, the more I thought about it the more I realised that throughout my life people had come to me, out of the whole family, for hugs if they felt unhappy, total strangers would unburden themselves on National Express coaches and friends would ask me to stroke their heads while they fell asleep. Maybe she had a point, maybe I could do this. So I booked myself onto her next class and I was so amazed by the results I got with family members I booked to take my second course a month later.

After completing my Reiki II course I was then qualified to treat the general public so I started working out of a local salon. I LOVED it! It felt so right and the results I was seeing and the feedback I received made it so rewarding. Despite all this I still felt something was missing. Then while I was at a crystal healing class the teacher said she was doing a Reiki Master Teacher Class and I knew I had to be at that class! I had always been a good teacher and I enjoyed the teaching part of the job, it was the pressure and the paperwork which had forced me out. As soon as I could teach healing to others my life clicked into place. Anyone can learn Reiki and heal themselves and other people, obviously some people have more natural ability, like with any skill/gift, anyone can learn an instrument but not everyone is musical. Now everything is perfect. I am calm, my children are healthy, I go to work to relax and spend time with wonderful people who I can make a real difference to and I can keep myself well. I still have to have an injection every 6 weeks but that is nothing compared to the pain I have been in in the past and I know it won’t be forever.

I have never been so happy. I have my family, I have my health and I have a job which enables me to be at the school assemblies and spend as much or as little time with my children as I want. I make a genuine difference to people’s lives every day and I feel blessed that I am able to give in this way. I just wish I had discovered this life years ago!

To find out more about Kate you can visit her own blogwebsite and Facebook page.

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  1. Have been waiting for second part to read. I got to know Kate through Twitter last year and have to say what an amazing inspiring lady she is. Always positive and upbeat:) Reading this story has really made me think how important it is to get the most out of every day. Bless you Kate XXX

  2. Similarly I have got to know Kate through this amazing world of social media (something to do with a baby signing / play fairy post office connection!) and have seen the odd post alluding to Kate’s health but never liked to probe – so it has been wonderful to read this story and get to know her a little better.

    Kate – it is an amazing, inspiring and interesting story to me. I think we are quite similar in some ways.

    I’ve had some troubles too, over the last 10 years – not the same thing, but an addiction issue – & I have discovered over the last few years, the power of a spiritual solution.

    And now it is not just a solution to one problem, but a way of life.

    Thank you for following your heart, and sharing about it.


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