Fat club #3 – The results are in…

Ok week one was a definite success – 5lb off. I wasn’t expecting too much from this week because I always find week 2 harder to lose in. Considering that, another 2lb off is not to be sneezed at – woo hoo! That is 7lb off in 2 weeks, half a stone, many bags of sugar, not enough packets of lard..! Yes you could say I’m pleased with that.

This week the hubby has decided to join me (just at home) to shed a couple of post Xmas pounds but mostly to support me – and what a difference! Someone else to talk recipes and meal ideas with makes it much more enjoyable and he keeps me motivated. When losing weight, support and motivation are the two most valuable (well essential!) tools you need to fight the fat. Thanks Roy!

(Should I tell him I’m not going to turn into a svelte supermodel with legs up to wherever when I hit target? Nah, let the man dream!).

So – half a stone off taking me to 13st 7lb. The next mini target is 13st 4lb, which is another 3lb off. After losing another 3lb I will have lost 5% of my weight. Ok, that leaves me with plenty of % to go lol, but it’s something to aim for!

Eyes down, fridge locked and see you next week for Fat Club instalment 4 x

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  1. Oh well done hun, keep up the good work!! I definitely know what you mean about the motivation, it is much easier (!!) if there is someone in your camp along for the ride. I went for a run last night, my first exercise in about 3 years, and hubby came with. If he hadn’t been there I know I would have walked a few times but managed to keep running all the way because of him. Three cheers to our hubbies!! xx

  2. Wow, that’s fab – you go! Lee is trying to get fitter (man peak for lose weight) and I am joining in helping him by cooking healthily and trying not to pick at stuff (when he’s around at least).

    You’ll be at 5% before you know it 🙂

    1. Thanks!
      I was eating fairly healthily before rejoining weight watchers (I had gestational diabetes from 30wks with Taylor – now 8wks so was very careful with what I was eating then, and I have pcos, one of the problems with that being I have problem controlling my weight so usually eat sensibly) but I think WW is organised so you take extra care with what you eat and drink and I’m definitely out and about more pushing little Mr Man!

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